Hello D3Scene members,
i just stopped by to say hello and say few words about myself....
I've been member here long time ago, not even sure what my nickname was, maybe holyrunner or dublem, dunno, but i was elder user, why i told you that is not to get that acc back, but to show you that i am not an regular leecher, i will try and help/contribute to community as much as i can.

I do hope that my joining will do good in both ways, help me learn new things and/or i will share my knowledge that i have learnt or that i might learn somewhere else. (i will give credit )

There is not much to tell about myself. I play original WoW,SC2,LoL and soon Diablo 3 (CAN'T wait!), so yes i enjoy games. Sometimes i stay by PC whole day, but what i like to say is: why should i stop it if it makes me happy.

Well cya guys around, i have to go and edit my profile

P.S. Nice to meet you all