Hello guys!

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Hello there!

I am currently offering HoN MMR Boosting services up to around 1750~ rating. I am currently a 1800++ carry player (~2.5KD etc.) and I have lots of spare time so I decided I could boost accounts in exchange of money.

I also have friends that can help me out with the boosting process so if you have more than one account to be boosted or you want your account to be boosted along with your friends account as well, we can boost them simultaneously for the matching price.

I don't really want to give details about myself at the moment on here, but we can always talk furthermore if you add me on Skype.

I also offer coaching (watching your games, telling you what to do, telling you which items to get etc.) if you are interested.

Prices are negotiable since it depends on how much MMR you want me to boost you or for how long to coach you etc, but all of this can be discussed on Skype.

So if you are interested, please add me on Skype, and please type your Skype name under this topic so I know who you are.
Skype : mrbrightside1011