How's it going everybody? Call me F. Or whatever you'd like. I play every video game I can get my hands on, of all genres. I'm pretty skilled at a few of them playing legitimately (SC2, Counterstrike, LoL to name a few) but I've always been a fan of experimenting with...alternative ways of playing multiplayer games going back to the first trainer I used in Battlefield 2 (which I was also pretty good at playing legit, haha) I'm in college for computer science at the moment.

I also do pretty good graphics work and can switch your ass with your face in photoshop if you so desire. Just send me a PM if you'd like some graphics done and we can work something out if I get some free time. I do a favor you you, you do a favor for me

Looking forward to being part of the community. See ya when I see ya.