I be just another idiot artist want to be. I'm a gamer by nature but the older I get the more annoyed at get at twitch gaming, watered down mechanics and other crap that prevents me from savoring video games these days.

I tend to look for specific things in trainers, god mode,ect is deathly boring to me. You might need them now and then but most of the time I prefer esoteric cheats like speed control,change gravity/jump/inf jump alterations to the game play to make them work for me as it where.

RIght now there are 2 cheats on my mind inf throwing knifes for Assains creed and speed control for Star Craft 2 both WOL and HOTS. Mabye even WC3 even if you raise the damage done by the AI by 60%, take the unit cap off and let me put it in super slo mo LOL

Oh BTW anyone know a good PS2 cheat site/forum? Since PS2 emulation got better I need more cheats LOL