Well hi there. I've been with d3scene for at least 3 years now, but I was that passive guy who just looked up for a hack or two and didn't really post anything. But since I've got free time and I belive that in this three years I've gained all kinds of experiences I could contribute by posting some hacks or what not now and then just generally helping the community. Im from Serbia, 18 years old. Although, as stupid as this is, I must ask anyone if they are willing to give me level 80 wow account on Lordearon realm on Molten-WoW server. I will give a LoL account in exchange or what not. Funny story is my ex-girlfriend plays on Lordearon and she bet me I don't have the will to level an account there and what not, so I need someones help to prove the bitch wrong. Thank you all in advance, and like I've said I would trade as well if possible, my goal is not to beg for it, but just to gain it somehow. Again hello to everybody and I hope I will be able to help you in the future!