He requested that it be sent as a gift via paypal, which I could understand because a buyer acting as a scammer could potentially do a chargeback. Initial interactions were fine, but it was clear what was going on once he stopped responding. As soon as I realized that the hack doesn't actually do anything - after trying to open it and use it in various ways - I asked him for an explanation and that's when he stopped responding. The actual monetary value isn't much, it's more so the principle of it. I wish these transactions involved both parties providing actual address. This way I can beat the shit out of any scammer who tries this on me. Guarantee that face to face, none of these small peepee scumbags on the internet would dare say anything to me. They would just shit their pants at a 6'4 monster about to smash their little face in.

If I am wrong and it actually works, let me know. I have attached the link to the "hack" that was given to me. I'm pretty sure it's bullshit. Here it is: https://1.bitsend.jp/download/40eb75...7e654eca7.html