Scammed by steveN for $100 (Pure-Control)

This is a discussion on Scammed by steveN for $100 (Pure-Control) within the Scammed? board part of the Marketplace category; Originally Posted by DarkJesture Sounds to me like you got your lfietime subscription to the service. They reserve the right ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJesture View Post
    Sounds to me like you got your lfietime subscription to the service. They reserve the right to ban you if you are giving the admin that kind of attitude. Just like any other online service. Either way, let's wait and see what stevens has to say.
    I don’t think you can justify scamming someone because you don’t agree with their behavior, unless it’s disruptive, or inappropriate. I never did anything to warrant a ban, and even if I don’t get my money back, I still want people to know the situation. He would have to make those terms explicitly clear, it’s not like I could be held to the standard of “they reserve the right to ban,” unless they told me beforehand what I couldn’t do. That wouldn’t be fair, and it would essentially allow people to scam without repercussions.

    I am reporting this pretty late, but it still holds merit.

    Edit: @Jolinar I know I won’t get my money back probably, but I still feel like I deserve it. It all depends on if he does the right thing.
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    @steveN hasn't been on since January. I highly doubt you'll get any money back, buy we (you) can hope you do.

    SteveN will be banned until he appeals it. At least if he does come onto the site he'll see that and make an inquiry. Nothing else I can do about the situation. I don't know they guy, he's no longer our staff, and I have no contact to him other than this site. Some of the other members might.

    If you read this and you do talk to him, tell him to come appeal his ban.

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