So I'm doing a thread design service for any service you are offering. Anything from boosting, to hacks, to getting free stuff.
I've been doing GFX for a few years now, and I would no where near call myself 'professional'. However, I would call myself experienced.

For my previous work, you can go here. It's kinda old and haven't uploaded much on there recently, since I've mostly just been doing GFX for fun/hobby, but you can see some of my abilities there.

KennyLSX (kennylsx) -

I also did the 'PureControl' thread design located here on D3Scene. You can check it out here.

You get the PSD included with the design as well as the fonts used if you want them.

I'm charging $20 PayPal or Bitcoin for the Thread Design.
I will be doing a 50% kill fee to avoid people dropping out which means you pay 50% before I start, and then 50% when it's done.

Please Read:
In order for me to do my job properly as a GFX Artist, please make sure to have this information ready!
- Name/Title
- Subheader/Small Description/Slogan
- Content for any sections you want. (E.G. Features, About, Contact, etc...)

I also do not put any watermarks or logos on my designs when they are done, all I will do is list it here as my previous work. Also, I will put watermarks during the creation process. However, once it is done and has been paid for, no watermark will be on the design.