Hello it's nab423, a long time lurker, I would like to offer my boosting to the community after not contributing much. I am here to promote my Duo Queue boosting. I know many people don't like to trust other to log onto their account and play for them. While duo queue boosting might take slightly longer. I think it is the best way to boost because it insures account safety, improves the player through couching, and no risk of losing ranked rewards.

About Me: I am a master adc and support main. I have been playing since season 1 When i spammed ranked games on my main account i was the top 16 kalista in the world. Currently my main account has decayed into diamond 4 after being uninterested in league and boosting other accounts.
Summer Ranking:
My Account:


Placement Matches: 4$ Per Win
Bronze V - Bronze I : 10$ Per Division
Bronze I - Silver V : 14$
Silver V - Silver I : 15$ Per Division
Silver 1 - Gold V : 22$

Price can vary depending on LP win loss ratio (that even means less money if you are getting more than average)

Why is a master player only boosting till Gold V?
I have found that when duo queue boosting it is most efficient to stop boosting players once they have reached Gold V. Getting to Gold V often satisfies the customers needs and it can be achieved quickly. If you want boosted past gold v, just ask me on skype and we can negotiate a price.

Why Pick me?
I am a masters league of legends player with the skills and experience of boosting. I have a multitude of accounts to play on that will insure the quickest boost possible. I provide duo-queue service at the price of normal boosting service. Duo-queue boosting provides free coaching, a sense of accomplishment, and improved skill. Normal boosting leaves you at the same skill level you started at meaning you will eventually drop back to your skill level and no feel of accomplishment. Most customers love the fact that they can contribute to their accounts rank. While duo queuing i will do my best to improve you as a player to help you be able to compete at your boosted level.

Skype: Brian.Blake.
Feel Free to PM me also.