I am Global Elite Rank


Hi i used to do a sc2 boosting service a few years back but have been playing alot of csgo and fancy doing some boosting! i will do the first 5 boosts for free! This is to Work out pricing.
Message me for a Custom Quote!

I offer Duo rank and solo rank

Solo rank,
I login to your steam account and solo ladder.

I play games with u to rank you up

What i offer
Silver1-Silver2 (Free)
Silver2-Silver3 (Free)
Silver3-Silver4 (Free)
Silver4-Silver Elite (Free)
Silver Elite-Silver Elite Master (Free)

Silver Elite Master-Gold Nova 1 (free)
Gold Nova 1-Gold Nova 2 (Free)
Gold Nova 2-Gold Nova 3 (Free)
Gold Nova 3-Gold Nova Master(Free)
Gold Nova Master- Master Guardian 1(Free)

Master Guardian 1-Master Guardian 2(Unavailable)
Master Guardian 2-Master Guardian Elite(unavailable)
Master Guardian Elite- Distinguished Master Guardian (unavailable)

Skype: iisimonx

Skype was not set up properly. I should be able to be contacted now!