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[align=center]Hello Project-Minecraft is selling amazing quality web hosting services to you, we offer you an super cheap prices for are standard of service and what you are gettings. We help you start you site easily and with little price to pay, we also offer amazing support to get you up and running.

We also do not mess around so if you would like to buy read more we dont negotiate we just sell we sell at the current prices if you dont like then there over threads.

If your interested post below and pm for more information.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees
Unlimited Disk Space Provide
Unlimited Data Transfer Provide
Free Access To WHM/CPanel
24/7 Premium Customer Service
Reliable and Secure Web Hosting
Easy-to-use all Design Tools
We allow everything except Child Pornography & bandwidth Wasting Material!

All of our hosting servers are quad-core or dual quad-core Intel Xeon servers with 8-16GB RAM, plus we do not oversell our servers and actively monitor for any performance issues.

This is offshore hosting and our uptime is 99.9% also if anyone needs any help after purchase just pm me and i will give you my contact details.

We only accepted paypal

Reseller for 1 year : $10
Reseller for month : $1

Hosting without WHM 1 Year :$5
Hosting without WHM 1 month: $0.50
All packages above are all unlimited.

Our website is :Project-Minecraft Website
Our sever website : DwellWeb - Reliable Hosting Solutions

when buying please state to me what package you would like and for how long.

some of our vouches
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~Legit sell have brought from before.
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Legit seller, i recommend this product !
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Great product setup within minutes of payment.
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plz PM me more info, i will definately buy!!
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vouch for the guy. Good services