Molecular Deuce X is the latest game from iOS/OSX developer Whoopee Games.

Molecular Deuce X is a puzzle game that is simple to pick up, fun to play but challenging to master.

The game features 60 levels and caters for gamers of all levels of ability. Each level has a unique playing field and a target molecule that the player has to put back together on the play field by nudging the atoms around with the pointer. The player can only start an atom moving, either horizontally or vertically, and it won't stop until it hits a wall or another atom. As the player progresses through the levels they get tougher and the player will have to take a more strategic approach, such moving an atom for the sole purpose of controlling where another atom will stop. With 60 levels available there will be plenty of time to develop those strategic skills. Once the player has reached a level the can start from that point in the future, ensuring the fun and challenges can continue.

Features of the game include:
* 60 levels of challenging puzzles
* Atmospheric soundtracks and the option to listen to your own music while playing
* 60 fps
* Local High-Scores

Also available are iPhone and IPad versions of Molecular Deuce and the original Molecular.

Molecular Deuce X is a re-imagining of the classic puzzle game Atomix.

We hope you enjoy Molecular Deuce X and thank you for your support.

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