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This is a discussion on Fun/Weird facts? within the Spamboard board part of the Entertainment category; Hi as you might have seen i know alot of these so i decided to make a thread, so we ...

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    Fun/Weird facts?

    Hi as you might have seen i know alot of these so i decided to make a thread, so we ALL can learn something new

    Tell me if you knew any?

    In japan they have square watermelon (ofc selfmade)
    the blender was made over 80 years ago
    hawaii moives 10cm a year closer to japan
    there have 50000 earthquakes a year
    MURICAN teens spend a billion dollars a year on games
    babies dream inside the stomach
    inuits/eskimos have over 20 words for snow
    an average person goes to the wc 6 times a day
    in bangledesh you can get jailed for cheatign at the exams
    the tempareture in a lightning is around 30000 degress celcius
    there are 12000 types of rice
    butterflies taste with their feed
    somebody is having the best day of their life right now
    otters hold hands when sleeping so they dont flow away from each other
    a penguin was once knighted in norway
    in sweden there are bunnyhop contest
    the voices of mickey and mini mouse is married irl
    rats laugh when tickled
    somewhere a dog and a orangutang is friends
    only 2% of the population have natural green eyes
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