Hello. I'm offering SC2 boosting in any league till Grandmaster 1v1 or team games(2vs2,3vs3,4vs4) and archon mode on North America or Europe servers.

My main race is Protoss. ~6000 MMR, top 100 Grandmaster on EU server. But i Also have high MMR as Terran and Zerg.
I can boost your account with any race on NA or EU server.

My Discord is: IceeeeeTea#6559
[email protected]
Skype: sc2boostingservice

Approximate Price list (prices are negotiable), depends on your current MMR, DM me on Discord:

from any MMR to 4000 MMR: $2.5 per 100 MMR

from 4000 MMR to 4500 MMR: $20

from 4500 MMR to 5000 MMR :$30
NEW Clean Account to Masters League: $25

Maintaining Grandmaster through the season will be $65/month.
Achievements prices are negotiable. I can do any achievements including Campaign or Co-Op/Custom games.
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