Hi my name is Dalton

I am a Master Protoss/Zerg player and i have recently had nerver tissue damage in my arm.

i need somethign to do with starcraft while i cant play games

i have been playing since the brood war days and i am keen to teach while i am unable to play

i am a very heavy micro style player such as i liek to macro but rely on small amounts of units to defend while i macro to the fullest. i mostly rely on blink stalker micro agianst protoss and terran. and alot of pheonix micro agianst zerg.

i charge $15 an hour and for 2 hours i charge $20, (or any more than that i charge $10)


basic micro
Advanced micro
what I/Friends consider to be EXTREME MICRO

basic macro
advance macro

Heavy gas builds

expo timing
attack timing
upgrade timing

macro builds
micro builds
Heavy micro builds

mechanics excercises

optimal settings

pay pal is the best option for payment

i play on north american server and australasian server.

the best time for me to coach is on weekends at 40pm on the 8:00 gmt perth/singapre/beijing time

i can do about 3 hours at a time come to $30 for a 3 hour session

i have constructed a course for micro, macro, and builds

hope to here from you