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Firegraft is HERE! After over 2 years, I have completed a stable and suitable release version. For those of you who don't know, Firegraft is a modding program that is a successor for both Stargraft and Memgraft. It allows for editing of certain memory aspects such as the button sets and the tech tree. However, that's not the limit of what Firegraft can edit. In a controlled way, Firegraft allows modifications of many previously untouchable aspects of Starcraft. With things like the number of spidermines to the amount of time a unit is in stasis, from the ability to set multiple peons constructing a building to reversing the effect of recall, Firegraft allows for greater freedom in creating modifications.

Some of the features in this version:

-Current support for version 1.15.0

-A 'smart' button preview which updates based on the currently editing button.

-PAT Importing. Old Stargraft patches can be directly opened for editing.

-Requirements are done radically different. No more track bars. Now you can see exactly what it is in just a glance.

-Button sets automatically rearange and count themselves, removing the two most common grafting problems.

-Over 230 different editable values from the executable.
Anyone who has used Stardraft or Memgraft in the past will recognize the usefulness of this tool. A 1.15.0 grafter that has been long over due in the modding community and it has to be the most advanced grafting tool ever created.

For those that dont mod, grafting in SC changes the tech tree, adds/removes buttons on buildings, and allows things to be built with different requirements at different locations. (Such a a Zealot built at the Cybernetics Core, but requiring Forge.)

This release is 1.15.0 compatible however a 1.15.1 version is in the works. As far as i know its currently in private testing, but anyone that leaks it would be in some VERY deep trouble with DoA, so i wouldnt be expecting a copy to be released until he gives the ok.

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