Maze designer is a fun game with two designers. The desingeres can make several different ground peices safe (well safe) grass (death on touch) ice (you slide around) slow ice (like ice only you move slower) dark ice (like ice only you cant turn) lava (you get hurt every couple of seconds) they can also create several different guys to patrol or mortars to shoot the ground ect. they also can make stuff like teleports revive beacons jumpers boosters and launchers they also can create portals which to use you need a key specific to that portal. Light blue and Gray are the desingers Light Blue can pick the game mode classic were everyone just does the mazes or points were its like a ffa. The desingers can change alot of settings like how strong the lava. There is also a handful of items and a createable and moveable shop. The other players just play the mazes. (for more deatail look in quests in game i suggest doing this it can be very usefull very)


PS: a very good game if you ask me very fun

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