2 Questions about Deprotecting

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    2 Questions about Deprotecting

    Hi all!
    I wanted to edit some maps, not to steal, but to look what the map-makers did, so i came to this forum! I've seen the Instruction to do this and tryied out some maps... the most problems,like put the war3map.j in the root directory or something like that, i could repair but now I have 2 questions...
    1. I "Cracked" a map that i could open it and then wanted to look at the triggers... but there are no triggers... completely empty! Of course I moved the war3map.j from /Scripts in the root directory but it didn't help!
    2. If i want to open a map (like DBZ Hero Arena 5.0 optimized) i have problems with "Units Data missing "(in German: Einheiten Daten Fehlen) ! How can i repair this?????
    3. : I wanted only to add a cheat in a map so i made that, what was in the instruction here... then i wanted to play the map but in the lounge when i can put in Computers and so on, there is nothing! and if i click on Play, then i get back in Warcraft 3 !!!
    MFG DerChamp
    (Sry for my bad English xD)
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