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    Need Abuse Bot Tips

    Hi, I'm just a lurker, I never post because I feel it is unnecessary. But I can't seem to find a straight answer to my problem, hopefully one of you wonderful people can help me find a strong solution.

    My score is 63 - 123
    I am on Lordaeron (probably the main problem, due to lower population)
    I have about a 33% win percentage

    Now the only problem is... I am barely getting 20 wins in 10 hours.
    The reason being is that it takes me 5 - 30 minutes to join a game, I think it's the funny win percentage.

    Do you guys have any advice as to what can be done to speed on the process?
    (and I am staying on Lordaeron :smile

    If it helps, I use naga's at the moment, I set the leave timer at 105.
    I was wondering if I should use blubs to get an even funnier lower %.
    My score was about 35 - 20 a few days ago. Is that also a reason why it's taking so long to find a game? I've heard an unverified rumor from an unreliable source that blizzard restricts you to 200 games a week since 1.19 (sounds very believable though) Does finding games get harder as you play more and more ladder games a week?

    At first I didn't really mind it taking 5 minutes to find a game, but now it's just absolutely unproductive taking up to 30 minutes.


    That's an absolute mess... I'll point form everything:
    - 3 days ago I was 35 - 20, now I am 63 - 120
    - I use naga's
    - I play on Lordaeron
    - *problem* It takes me UP TO 30 minutes to join a game, is there any way to produce faster results?

    Edit: I am wondering if it would be more stable if I just lost 500 times? Would a 5% win percentage give me faster join times after I want to win? (if that made much sense at all...)

    Edit#2: If it helps, I have 2 pairs of tft's running at once, so I can AT. I read Pitlords guide once, but it didn't make much sense. Is the idea behind that (Good account + Dummy account [with 0-40])? once you earn 15 or so wins, you make a NEW dummy account? is that how AT works? If this is true, how many wins will the good account earn while partnered with a dummy account? (The ratio)

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    yes, come on northrend server
    there are so many abuser i for myself got a 50% abuser account with 1500-1500 without playing
    it´s really easy every 2nd game i got win

    €: and because of the many abuser you dont need long to find a game

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