How to use Tiehack for dummies:

1) Find a AT Partner (Yes. You do need a partner too use tiehack)
2) Download the Tiehack Here! or Here!
3) Go play your game with or without maphack. (recommended with) Along with your ally.
4) When you are about to lose alt tab (Go to deskop) Load the tiehack and activate it. (Or use hotkeys) (CTRL+A or CTRL+T depending on which of the tiehacks your using)
5) Ask your ally if he have it activated. If he say no, Tell him to activate it.
6) When both you and your ally have it activated, Click enemy hero and use an item of your choice. (I.e Teleport) Ofcourse you could click his peon and set it on Auto-Repair too. Or anything related to such actions.<
7) You will now see a "You've been disconnected" message. This is supposed to happen. Go out of the game and check if you got a 0/0. If you didnt, You or your ally did something wrong.
8) Remember to turn Tiehack off before next game, To prevent missclicking.

Regards, Bendik

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