hi guys... dunno if anyone of u had the same problem as me.

when i play warcraft 3, with any map. the game does not seems to run smoothly, all the animation is alittle jerky. its not internet lag, even if i play single player it still happens.
wats worst is when i move my mouse cursor to the side to scroll the map, the whole screen of the map is moved to the corner.

e.g when i move my cursor to the left to move my screen slightly to the left, the whole screen moved to the extreme left side of the map.

this problems is very bad, as im unable to properly control my hero and units especially playing dota.

i tried reformating and and reinstalling warcraft3 also, but it still happens, it doesnt seems to be my gfx problems as i have absolutely no problems playing other games.
btw, im using ATI Radeon HD with updated driver

anyone faces this problems too? anyone have a solution? plz help me thankz