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    Warcraft III Item Guide [A guide by Archimonde]

    Warcraft III Item Guide
    By Archimonde

    [a.1] Contents
    • [a.1] Contents
    • [a.2] Introduction
    • [a.3] Scrolls
    • [a.4] Tomes
    • [a.5] Consumables
    • [a.6] Charged Items
    • [a.7] Permanent Stat-Increasing/Aura Items
    • [a.8] Credits

    [a.2] Introduction

    This guide will display the different variety of items used in Warcraft III. Please note all images are linked directly off the battle.net site, so if they are broken links, most likely Blizzard is failing. This guide is likely to miss some items, considering there are so many items that are used in the game. All these items can only be gained through ladder games. This guide will give more detail then the battle.net items guide will, and will also give information (from myself) on the items themselves.

    [a.3] Scrolls

    Scrolls are essentially consumable items that can be used to heal, teleport, etc.

    Scroll of Town Portal:
    This is used to teleport to a selected town hall/main of your choice. It can be double clicked for quick teleportation to a hall, or you can click on it, then click on the position near the hall you want to teleport to. This will prevent your units from getting trapped if your building placement is blocked in or otherwise.

    Speed Scroll:
    This item increases all units in an area to the maximum movespeed available in ladder, can be purchased from the Voodoo lounge for 50 gold. It's effective in engaging/escaping enemies when you are slowed or otherwise.

    Scroll of Ressurection:
    This item ressurects six dead units from a corpse in a nearby vicinity. This is essentially the Paladin's ultimate that can only be used once.

    Scroll of Restoration:
    This item restores 300 hp and 150 mana to non mech units in a nearby area. This item very powerful, its a "greater heal scroll", as someone might call it. Very effective your army is large.

    Scroll of Regeneration:
    This item restores 225 hp overtime and can be purchased from the Human Arcane Vault. It can also be used effectively in combat to restore units that are damaged, but aren't being hit. (getting hit cancels the salve effect)

    Scroll of Protection:
    The Scroll of Protection is effective in giving your army extra armor for a short duration of time. It can be easily disenchanted by wisp detonation or AoE disenchant though. Its an affordable 150 gold item from goblin merchants, making it essential in mass games.

    Scroll of Mana:
    The scroll of mana is a rare item to encounter in ladder, it gives your units 100 mana when used.

    Scroll of Healing:
    This item restores 150 hp to nearby units when consumed. It is a heft 250 gold, but is an effective item to buy when you don't want to push into low upkeep and need to use your gold on something useful.

    Scroll of the Beast:
    This item gives your nearby units 25% bonus damage for a short duration. If you have bears, this should be sold for the 200 gold. Bear roar is much more effective and 200 gold is certainly more then the 100 mana the bear uses.

    Scroll of animate Dead:
    This is basically the Death Knight's ultimate that can only be used once. It is effective for a short period of time, but the Scroll of Ressurection is still more effective, considering it completely raises units.

    [a.4] Tomes

    Tombs are dropped items that can be picked off to gain extra stats/exp.

    Manual of Health:
    Raises your maximum health by 50. Nothing really special about it.

    Tomb of Knowledge:
    Increases all your heroes stats by one when consumed, thats pretty much it.

    Tomb of Agility:
    Raises agility by one when picked up. (thats it.) There is also a Tome of Agility +2, which obviously increases your agility by two. (duh)

    Tomb of Experience:
    Also known as the tome of "gg" because of its effect to gain experience really fast. This item is a MUST pick up. Getting a tome of experience jacked will hurt you, alot.

    Tome of Intelligence:
    This picked up item gives you permanent +1 int bonus, their is also a +2 version of this item that gives your a +2 int bonus.

    Tome of Strength:
    +1 Strength, +2 if its a Tome of Strength +2.

    Tome of Power:
    Found mostly in only FFA, rare in 3v3s. This Gives the hero a complete experience level, even if your above level 5. You won't have to fight anyone to get your level 6 if you get this item.

    Tome of Retraining:
    Allows your hero to retrain your skill points to different skills.

    [a.5] Consumables
    Consumables can be used once and completely dissapear after they are used.

    Amulet of The wind:
    Summons a furbolg warrior to fight for you for 3 minutes, should be used in battle to maximum the duration of the time.

    Anti-Magic Potion:
    Allows your hero to be immune to magic for a short amount of time, very effective against UD's nukes.

    Book of The Dead:
    Summons eight skeletons to fight for you, this can be easily countered with one wisp detonating on all the skeletons, use with care.

    Lesser Clarity Potion:
    Increases your mana by 100 over 30 seconds. If your hero is attacked, the effect will cancel.

    Demonic Figure:
    Summons a doom guard.

    Health stone:
    Increases your health regeneration and can also be consumed at one time for a large amount of health.

    Ice Shard:
    Eye of skad.... wait. This item summons an ice revenant for a short period of time, the unit can cast blizzard.

    Inferno Stone:
    Summons an infernal to fight for you. This is my favorite consumed item, very powerful. Dreadlord's ultimate is equivelant to the effect of this time.

    Mana Stone:
    Increases mana regeneration, can be consumed for a large amount of mana at one time.

    Mechanical Critter:
    Creates a critter under your control that can be used to scout your opponent stealthily.

    Moon Stone:
    Changes the time from day to night for 30 seconds, can be used to increase unit regeneration.

    Potion of Divinity:
    Makes your hero completely invulnerable for a long period of time. This item is very effective in long battles, and can be used by a powerful blademaster to inflict maximum damage during that duration of time.

    Potion of Healing:
    Heals 250 health instantly. This is a very common item used in ladder that allows your hero to fight in battles longer.

    Potion of Greater Healing:
    Heals 500 health instantly, this item can only be bought from a marketplace or dropped by creeps.

    Potion of Invisibility:
    Makes your hero invisible for 2 minutes unless it performs an action (attacking, casting a speed)

    Potion of Lesser Invulnerability:
    Makes your hero invulnerable for 7 seconds, very effective item to keep your hero alive during a battle.

    Potion of Mana:
    Restores 150 mana, can be bought at all tier 2 player shops.

    Potion of Greater Mana:
    Restores 200 mana, can only be bought from marketplace or dropped from creeps, this is only effective on caster-heavy heroes.

    [a.6] Charged Items
    These items will not be used up after one time, these can be used until their charge reaches zero.

    Wand of the Wind:
    Allows your hero to cast cyclone 3 times.

    Wand of Mana Stealing:
    Allows your hero to jack 50 mana from enemy/allied units 3 times, this is effective in disabling an enemy caster/hero and allowing yourself to use your spells.

    Wand of Lightning Shield:
    Allows you to cast lightning shield 3 times, effective against enemy peons.

    Dust of Appearance:
    This item reveals invisible units in an area. Very effective in taking out the blademaster/shadowmelded units or burrowed fiends.

    Healing Salve:
    Restores 400 hp over a period of time.

    Wand of Illusion:
    Allows your hero to create illusions of target units/heroes and can be used for scouting/diverting enemy fire.

    Sentry Ward:
    Lets you place sentry wards in areas. They last a limited amount of time but are effective in scouting out areas.

    Rod Of Necromancy:
    Can be used to summon 2 skeletons from a corpse, useful for reinforcing your army and taking damage from creeps.

    Healing Wards:
    Restores HP in an area while it lasts.

    [a.7] Permanent Stat-Increasing/Aura Items

    These items will not be listed because there are a hella lot. Basically, they permanently increase your hero's states as long as they are in your inventory. These items are effective for damage and stat increasing (and HP and mana). They are dropped by creeps/can be purchased at marketplaces/goblin merchants.

    [a.8] Credits
    This guide was written by Archimonde for D3scene on May 15th 2009. Any copying/posting on another website or forum is prohibited, this is for the d3scene community only.

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