Hey guys,

im having quite a bit of trouble with the coloring of the dreadlords.

see, I made this map and its based on having a nathrezim council and stuff. i basically used all the models available (balnazzar, Mal'ganis, Tichondrius, etc) and gave them different names., stats, and spells. I self learned how to change their color while still being on the same team, meaning the color of my army was purple, while my dreadlords were either orange, green, blue, red, yellow or just purple (i was trying to mimic the same kind of deal from the campaigns). i got them to change color, and all was well. i even gave them each orbs to signify their colors. although the map was deemed a non melee map, the teams within the map still fought like it was melee, which is what i was going for. But when i go to start the game and build up my forces, all the dreadlords come out purple, and level 1 with no weapons. To try and get around that i placed them in a safe location and made them rescuable, but when i rescued them, they all turned purple again. this really frusturates me, because i want to keep their color changed from one another kind of like how anetheron was orange but was still coming out of a purple altar of darkness his own color and fighting for the purple scourge. (last lvl on night elf campaign) Any pointers as to how i can get around the same color deal and make them all diversified? thanks so much for anyone who can help.