[U]]Hosting on Warcraft III for Windows

Someone set router already but you must be disable Firewall ?

I have a method set port in Firewall before set a Router.(Enable Firewall)

1. Open Windows Firewall (Control Panel > windows firewall)

2. Exceptions > Add port and set port same image.

3. Use port in Warcraft (Options) to fill in Port number.

Click OK.

4. Add port again(2) and use UDP

Click OK.

complete. Next step

5. Advanced > select your internet and covered. if you share net LAN covered Local Area Network. (same image) > Click Settings

6. Services > Add..

7. Set same image TCP and UDP

select TCP. and Add.. again

select UDP.

Description of service: is name.

IP address : (not use 192.168.x.x for Forward Port)

External & Internal is port in WarcraftIII > Options Game port <6114 port Example>


You can enable Firewall and play Wc3 at the same time.

Sorry.I speak English not good.