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Can u please explain me how to log more than one then? When i make the 3rd Launch i get the key in use, and i have a bunch of keysets!:love456456d3:
I think I know what your problem is.. But I don't know how to solve it
Let me tell a short history

Soo.. One time a friend of me meet up at my room with his computer and we decided to have a mini Lan
I had no Router, just a direct connection to my Internet.
So we had to take a Switch, so that he'll be able to connect aswell
We configurated everything correctly and then we wanted to log into wc3
He had his own keyset, his own computer and his own account.
But everytime he logged in, I became discconnected at the same time.
When I was lucky and didn't get disconnected, he wasn't able to login :/
So there was something wrong with my Switch.
He said something about " it doesn't support Dual " bla
Everything was fine, except that we couldn't log into wc3 at the same time :/
Perhaps something's wrong with your Switch / Router or the config.
I really have no idea how to solve this problem. Perhaps go for another router to test it.
Perhaps at your friends home or so
Okay. I'm ready with my history. I hope you didn't fall asleep and could make out, what I wanted you to say
Btw. Now everything works for me