Well here are my view on what really destroyed warcraft 3 reign of chaos

Well the biggest thing that destroyed the game was ofc the tie-hack it made the game 100%unfair say your in a game you own a guy then they just get the win and tie-hack you i think that caused most roc players to switch to tft or quit wc3 all togethor

Secondly public hacks i'd say that only 5%-10% of roc would of hacked if it would off all just stayed private but instead everyone went public causing everyone to use them which is now 60%-70% of roc maphacks and is incredibly unsafe as thousand's of people use them which again causes other players to get sick of the game causing them to go tft

Thirdly abusing it puts new player off the game as when they enter a game they should vs someone of there skill leval instead they are faced with a guy that's been playing for 5 years which makes the new player get real pissed off at losing all the time and then plays a game where he can win id say roc loses alot of player from abusers

These are just my views on the matter some people may disagree with me but i think that perhaps if people did none of these thing's roc would have just as much players as tft and just as popular