Do not think it's worth paying for unlimited hosting support?
Then turn away now.

Ok I can make it so you can host on WC3 and any other game of your choice.
This works 100% without a doubt, I shall take you step-by-step through each step of what it is you need to do VIA skype, msn or ventrilo. You can choose.
I will give you permanent support for any other games you desire if you use this service once before.
E.G. I helped you before you get lifetime hosting help for all games!

How is this different from
I'm giving it to you in-more depth and user-friendly step by step so you will 100% be able to do it.
I'm giving you direct help in a one to one enviroment.
I can help people host even if their english is not that good.

Because I'm giving you life-time hosting support there is a ONE TIME FEE of only $2.00.

So for permanent support in being able to host in any game you like you simply pay me $2.00, send me a PM to confirm payment and then we will do our one-to-one and we'll do it until you can host.

If any hosting problems occur or you swap internet I shall give you more help to fix the issue for FREE there will be NO additional fees for future help.

If you wish to purchase this lifetime hosting support service then please click this link :

Then once payment has been made, notify me with a PM and we can get started so you can host.

Remember this supports ALL games!

If you're unable to PM me then simply add my msn!
[email protected]