Yeaaa Bored aussies is slowing down

so ive made a server like bored aussies if you guys cannot get your hands on an invite from them.

all you need todo is download 2 files and make an account.

things you will need: W3L Loader by Keres,
Official mirror: ... at - Free File Hosting, Free Image Hosting, Free Music Hosting, Free Video Hosting, ...
Mirror #1 is a totally free file hosting. Speed and size of files are unlimited.
Mirror #2 Deposit Files

Now w3l loader is safe and secure if someone wants too scan it thats fine.

now everyone gets alarmed by the reg file that adds the gateway too your warcraft III gateway thingy,

heres the virustotal: Virustotal. MD5: aa524ec9f2c16ab6a9524e1530059431
and heres the link:

Now extract the w3l loader files into your warcraft III directory, run w3l for my server
and connect and make an account, theres absolute no lag etc.

i thought i might post this because the server is up 24/7 and only a few people use it,
and people can advertise wow servers soo ill do the same for warcraft 3

-Regards LayA