Come and see the perfect support of DreamDota hack !

This is a discussion on Come and see the perfect support of DreamDota hack ! within the Warcraft 3 forum board part of the Hot Games category; Ok , first i give my apologize to Moderators if this is against rules , and yah , iam not ...

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    Angry Come and see the perfect support of DreamDota hack !

    Ok , first i give my apologize to Moderators if this is against rules , and yah , iam not registered just to write this , iam registered on this site from long long time but iam not so active and never said iam , but come and see what happened with me , Yesterday i bought 1 year DreamDota hack , i talked with the support on msn which is [email protected] , he was nice and he gave me my key and i was so happy , this morning i wake up , i find garena update , first thing i went on msn and try to talk with kiss so if the hack is detected i dont get banned , totally ignore ? he isnt even busy or away mode on msn , he is available and online and didnt answer me even
    Screen shot :

    Ok , i just said maybe he is afk and i wasnt sure he ignoring or no , now look what happened after , i went to play and when i try log in with my username and password gives an error , i logged on the site and found that my key expired , first thing i was shocked , after that i opened my msn again , and tried to talk with kiss , when i talk with him he answered me this time , i said whats wrong , why is my key expired , then he said because you made a claim , and anyone that makes a claim gets ban , i tried to understand him that my paypal account was hacked yesterday and that i talked with paypal contact and that when that hacker logged into my paypal , he got it limited , and when my paypal gets limited the recent payments gets In Claim Automatically by Paypal and not by me , but he said i wont listen to you , he said i wont listen to you claim = ban , i kept saying i swear my paypal account was hacked and it was limited and that wasnt me who made a claim , he said then when you remove this limit go and make purchase again ... ? ???? even though that claim wont get me my money back , and that iam going to continue claim and i told paypal to cancel this claim , and they will do it sooner or later , should i really repay because of a mistake i didnt do ? and here is a proof of my account being limited so you dont say iam lie :

    in the last picture , you see that i finished 2 steps of the limitation , now iam waiting till they deposit money in my credit card so i can verify my cards , takes around 24 hours , but iam saying it now , i will not repay again , because this mistake wasnt mine and you dont want to help or support anything , it is shame on you Kiss that someones contact you saying that he got hacked and that claim wasnt him , and you say claim = ban now bye i wont listen to you , deny it if you dare , because you know you said that to me , if he was nice with me i would pay again thats no problem , but i did no mistake , anyone can be hacked not only me , happens with most of people , also iam still going to do my part of claim and i will send paypal when they ask me to do , i will send them that this payment is okay , and that its made by me , and that it should be proccessed normally and i will tell them to close the claim , Sorry again moderators i dont love to be mean with someone , i didnt go and say this hack ruins dota or nothing , i just bought hack , got hacked from someone , paypal got limited , PAYMENT GOT CLAIMED AUTOMATICALLY NOT BY ME , again iam sorry , but please try to understand that this mistake didnt come from me , and that iam part of this problem too , i wish you now really understand what happened Kiss , i dont care for the money i paid , but if the support like this , i will never repay again , now iam hoping and wishing that you give me another chance , its up to you after all , to give me key or to believe what is in your mind , thanks for reading everyone , Sincerley Nino.
    This is my email incase you wanted to send me another key instead of the one you suspended : [email protected]
    Incase you dont want , at least i proved that i didnt mistake , thanks.

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