ICL Season 2 is Accepting Applications for the Wc3 and
DOTA Division.
The ICL Wc3 Division will only be accepting
applications from Americas (North & South America)
Only. Reason is to keep it as a USEast League because
the ICL is mainly a Battle.net used League, but we do
as well use GGc. So if applying for the DOTA division,
location does not matter.

To Apply please Email [email protected] in this

Applying For: (Specify which Division your
applying for, DOTA or Wc3. If both then make 2
seperate Formates for the Wc3 and DOTA)
Team name and Tag:
Head Manager & Back-Up Manager:
BNet ID(GGc Must be the same):
MSN / Aim:
Best way to contact:
Full Team Roster: (GGc ID Must be the Same as
Bnet ID, Tagged Accounts. Race. and Country)
Greatest Achievements:
What can you bring to the ICL?:

Thank you and please tune into our Season 1 Playoffs at icl-league.co.nr
We are expecting a great Playoffs with having a double elim. to make things intresting.

- Bloodlust & Moon_Walker aKa LokartTheGosu