I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask his, here is my questions:

I've discovered recently that Cheat Engine Speed hack works for Warcraft 3 (from this thread) and was wondering if anyone know of a way (I'm refering to creating a "hotkey" or some sort of "Macro") to trigger/enter in a value in the Speed check box and proceed the hack without having to alt-tab and do it manually. This idea might have been mention before but I thought it could be interesting to instantly increase the game speed to 10*(or to w/e speed normal player couldn't react to) before the attempt to attack the player and then dropping it back to normal speed after the kill (playing as Stealth Assassin in Dota).
Forgive my ignorance but I've been searching for quite a while and still got no luck finding a answer to my questions. On a side note, I understand that there's a forum for Cheat Engine I can post this. However, having to mail/fax in a form just to activate my account after the registration is beyond me :angry:.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread and much appreciation for those that provide assistant.