i have a personal question ) because its imp to me
i have wc3 ROC and TFT original game ... but its in spanish language (=no lossbots) , and i have the WC3 ROC and TFT in english non-original games !!! and the question is : If i install the Non-original ones (the english version ) with the cd-keys from the original cd-ds (with cd key from the spanish game ) can i play on battle.net ?

2.i have a lossbot for spanish version only but it has no menu ,u cant put the delay nothing ... but the best thing is that he never fails ,always works ... can i upload it in here ?

3. the lossbot is autoit scrypt if i compile him ... can someone else steel /change it ?
Hey. Thanks for your PM.

1. You will still be able to play on Battle.Net. Make a backup of your folder. Just copy it somewhere and then reinstall warcraft 3.

2. Yes. Please upload it :-). We need contributions. I am sure other WC3-players would be pleased to see your lossbot.

3. Yes. Unfortunately people can get the code behind the AutoIT executables. However I do not think that any people would steel your code. If so, then probably only to improve it .