Tyrano's Timehack (Freezes Loading)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TyranO View Post
    Well, this was leaked somewhere on the internet so I've decided to make it public.

    This thing will allow you to stop yourself from loading games (up to 5 minutes until you get a lose by default) or fake lag a game (45 secs max before you get kicked).

    Numpad (default) version

    numpad1 = on
    numpad2 = off
    numpad3 = quit

    F4,F5 and F7 version

    F4 = on
    F5 = off
    F7 = quit

    When you press NUMPAD1 or F4, it will freeze your game, so press NUMPAD2 or F5 if you want to unfreeze it.

    I cant say much since he released it but thanks anyway tyranO. However, i see no beneficial use of this hack? It basically makes you dc or allows u to dc to spoil people's games? Im not saying u are spoiling the game but i see no beneficial use in it. so i wont dl it if it serves no beneficial purpose. Nice release though. Im gonna sit on the fence about this whole leaking thing as i believe no secret can be kept forever. Time is of the essence. So i suggest we all just move forward. Talking wont help. Actions speak louder for themselves. off to school now...buais!

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    It does modify memory. The offset patched is 6F5F9C1D. It is totally detectable if Blizzard adds this one to its blacklist. Problem is there are thousands of timehack offsets, but anyway, I won't make a new one. I removed the links since people start hating me. I don't make hacks to feed leechers or piss you guys off, I just make them and post them here. You can delete the thread if you wish.
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