Arcane,Mekansm,Phase Boots + AutoTeleport Script

This is a discussion on Arcane,Mekansm,Phase Boots + AutoTeleport Script within the Warcraft 3 Hacks, bots and tools board part of the Warcraft 3 forum category; i've posted this on another forum ... but wtf ... should be posted here too. I use this when i ...

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    Talking Arcane,Mekansm,Phase Boots + AutoTeleport Script

    i've posted this on another forum ... but wtf ... should be posted here too. I use this when i play support heroes most of the time, for the others it's not that usefull

    v2.2 Changelog
    -replaced Dagon with Phase Boots (the Dagon seemed out of place in this script)
    -added the SPACE teleport script (if you do not know what that is go HERE)
    -added suport for Furion and Pit Lord in the teleport script
    -added a toggle key for the teleport script ( F4 )
    -added autocast disable when you teleport because it may stop you from teleporting
    -added some options if you have 2 of the 3 items
    -last but not least ... added a flikering popup that shows informations on your actions:cool: (you'll see what i mean)

    What does it do?
    Well , as the name of the topic idicates it's a script for arcane, mekansm and phase boots. This script scans you inventory and if you have those items it il let you use them by pressing the SHIFT key.

    You might be wondering .... if i have all those items ... how does it know the one i want ... well it doesnt , it acts this way :

    1. You have any one of those three items , it casts them.
    2. You have Arcane and Mekansm it casts both of them in a well thought order.
    3.(new) You have Arcane and Phase Boots it checks if your mana is about 80% and if it's not it will cast Arcane and then the Phase Boots. If you have over 80% mana (not an exact number 80% .. it's about 80%) then it will just cast the Phase Boots
    4.(new) You have Mekansm and Phase Boots it will check if your life is 75-80 % or lower and if it is it will cast both of them if not it will cast just the Phase Boots
    5.(new)If you have all 3 items it will check if you have autocast activated, and if you do it will cast the Phase Boots only, if not i will cast Arcane and Mekansm only.

    v2 Feature:
    Autocast function
    This second version has an autocast function for Arcane and Mekansm.
    The Arcane will activate if you have about 65% or less mana and the Mekansm will activate if you have about 50% or less health.


    The script has 6 key that it uses ,and they are:

    F1 - Scan the inventory (you should scan the inventory every time you move or make one of the three items)
    CAUTION - your items must be fully charged when you scan the inventory
    F2 - Start Autocasting(Tip: when you press ENTER to chat the autocast will be stopped)
    F3 - Stop Autocasting
    F4 - Toggle SPACE teleport
    SPACE - Autoteleport to your fountain
    SHIFT - Hotkey for your items


    Wynthar : The Invoker Auto-Hotkey Script.
    kill5link : Code for turning on and off the script in chat rooms/hitting enter/escape.

    I forgot to mention ... it works on 1024x768 only (sry ... that's my resolution and i'm to lazy to make it work on other resolutions's a lot of work )

    P.S. : If you think you need it just download it , if not don't leave stup1d comments

    The thing :
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