Ok listen Guys. If you're Stealtbot run cool on 1.23 but leaves Battle.net all 2 mins. since 1.24 the problem is well known. What you have to do is the following:

Goto this site
Warden is now on WarCraft III - StealthBot.net
Download the New Antiwarden [//010100]. Extract and run the new "Warden"

If it does not work fine now you may have to chance your BNLS-Server as well, cause some havent updated on 1,24 yet.
My tip for now is:

May you remember that you had to delete all those VerByte lines when you set up your Bot. But for now i regonized it wont works propper without that, so just have a try with it.

Hope your Bots stay online as long as you wont them, like my bots do.