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This is a discussion on New version : 2.7 within the Warcraft 3 Hacks, bots and tools board part of the Warcraft 3 forum category; StealthBot was updated to version 2.7. Download : Here Info : PluginSystem changelog : The StealthBot Plugin System by ...

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    Exclamation New version : 2.7

    StealthBot was updated to version 2.7.

    Download : Here
    Info :

    PluginSystem changelog :

    The StealthBot Plugin System by Swent


    [ ver .98 (BETA - UNRELEASED)]

    *Modified the Plugin System to make it compatiable with StealthBot v2.7
    -You can now use the FirstRun, MessageSent, Shutdown, LoggedOff, and the 9 new clan-related events in your plugins (see SSC)
    -Added the new Event arguements: Banned (UserJoins) and StatUpdate (UserInChannel) - see the SSC
    ~These will be automatically added to any UserJoins/UserInChannel events found missing them (Thanks Draco)
    -For compatibility reasons there is now a version check. You must have SB v2.7 or higher to use the Plugin System.
    *Modified the external .plugins response with an enabled/disabled indicator
    -Prefixes of disabled plugins are inside parenthesis
    *The phelp command can now be used externally (it will only display commands): .phelp <prefix>
    *Modified /plugins and /updates outputs -- now extremely sexy thanks to the new capabilites of AddChat (Thanks Jack)
    *Made the prefix validity check more thorough (now checks for repeats, invalid chars, and disallowed prefixes)
    *Revamped the settings system. Plugin settings are now located in settings.ini
    -Removed the /lset command as it is no longer neccessary
    -Changes to settings.ini now take effect after immediately after saving the file (You do not need to type "/lset" or hit Reload Script)
    *Opened up the updates, getplugin and delplugin commands to external usage by Bot Owner only (Thanks RoNiN)
    -In the external updates output, only prefixes are displayed. Key: New, [Updated], (Installed)
    *Increased plugin load efficiency -- load time should be noticeably decreased (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Replaced all Plugin System usaged of vbBlue with vbLightBlue, which is much easier on the eyes
    *Plugin and Plugin System update checks now only take place once after connection
    *Improved error handling during plugin load. Loading errors will now be more descriptive (Thanks ZergMaster)
    -Plugins with errors on load will be disabled automatically (to avoid the constant error messages on every event)
    *Improved plugin error handling while plugins are being loaded (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    -Errors recieved during plugin loading now show correct offending lines and line/column numbers, and the erroring plugin will be blocked
    ~"Blocked" is essentially the same as disabled -- except it's temporary. The blocked status disappears on reload (if error is fixed)
    -All other errors recieved will show correct line and column numbers as well if debug mode is on

    *Added multiple command messages. As in StealthBot, you can now type: ".crs off; ss on; pelt me" etc.
    -This will work for Plugin System commands as well as all of your plugins' commands (No StealthBot commands)
    -This option can be disabled by setting the new "multipleCmdMsgs" plugin system setting to False
    *Added the option to back up plugins during updates by adding the "backup" setting for all plugins
    -Set to False by default. If changed to True, that plugin will be backed up when you download updates.
    -Alternatively, you can set the global "backup" PS setting to True, and it will apply to all plugins.
    -When True, the global "backup" PS setting overrides the individual "backup" plugin settings
    *Added settings that allow you to set access requirements for external Plugin System commands:
    -"prefix_cmd_access" (default 100), "plugins_cmd_access" (default 20), and "phelp_cmd_access" (default 20)
    *Added double-slash Plugin System commands. Inside bot type "//command" to have the response displayed publicly.
    -This will work for all Plugin System commands except /updates and /psnews
    *Added Plugin System help in /phelp command -- displays command names and explanations (Thanks raylu)
    *Added support for colons on the 4th phelp line (important notes) -- use "\c" for colon (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Added some helpful links at the completion of the installation (Thanks Snap)
    *Added StealthBot menu support for the Plugin System
    -In the new Plugins menu you'll find menus for each plugin
    -In these menus you can change enabled, nvn, and backup statuses, as well items for help and opening the plugin file
    -There is also a main help menu which provides links to revelant forums/threads.
    -5 subs/functions have been added to help you add and work with menu items for your plugin. See the SSC.
    -You can disable plugin menu creation by setting the menusDisabled PS setting to True (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Implemented #define's Plugin Creator. Can be executed from the Plugin System menu (Thanks #define)
    *Implemented plugin statistics system by Snap. See
    *Added the /exec command to the Plugin System due to its common usage. Only works from inside the bot.

    /delplugin <prefix>
    -Deletes the specified plugin from your plugins folder. A backup is created automatically.
    -To delete a plugin forever (no backup), add a parameter of "1". Example: /delplugin crs 1
    -Displays Plugin System news
    /pedit <prefix>
    -Opens the specified plugin for editing. This command has a few alternate functions:
    ~You can use a filename (ex: pmPeltMe.plug) in place of <prefix>, as long as it's in the plugins folder
    ~You can open your settings.ini file by omitting the <prefix> parameter
    ~You can open your plugins folder by using "plugins" for <prefix> (Thanks Jack)
    /exec <code>
    -Executes a line of VBScript code. Can only be used from inside the bot with "/" as the trigger.

    *Fixed a bug in the debug (Thanks Jack)
    *Fixed minor error with the dsp sub -- it no longer attempts to split messages that have no spaces (Thanks Jack)
    *Fixed a problem with the plugin timer error handler -- sometimes it displayed the wrong file path
    *Fixed an error with the LoadSettings sub when a setting value contained "=" (Thanks Jack)
    *Fixed a minor bug with the .prefix on/off command (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Fixed a minor problem with the error handler related to "/prefix on" commands
    *Fixed a major changing variable issue (due to VBS's suckiness) by adding the Echo function (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Fixed a problem with the plugin converter in the case of a file already being partially converted (some/all events already prefixed)
    -Existing prepends found on event lines will be replaced with the correct prefix or ignored if it's already correct
    *Fixed a plugin converter error for users with certain language settings (Thanks fagju)

    [ ver .97 ]
    *Fixed the Type Mismatch: 'CDbl' error that some users were experiencing
    *Moved the plugin script to this include file.
    -Coding can be done in your now empty (almost) script.txt file -- it will be loaded like a plugin (Thanks Jack)
    *Fixed problem with the Warn Script plugin not displaying on /updates and failing to auto-update (Thanks Sanity)
    *Fixed the Type mismatch: '[string: ""]' error some users got when auto-connect was on (Thanks ZergMasterI)
    *Added the ConvertToPlugin sub
    -Scripts in regular script.txt form can now be automatically converted to plugin form and loaded
    -Simply place the regular script files in your plugins folder, and you'll get a pop-up asking if you want to convert
    *Added the "autoConvertToPlugin" plugin script setting. Set to False if you don't want the Plugin Converter pop-ups
    *Changed the /plist command to /plugins, since /plist is already a StealthBot command.
    *The plugins command can now be used externally. It requires 100 access.
    -When used externally only the prefixes of loaded plugins are displayed
    *Incorporated the SplitQ sub into the dsp sub. It can now display (chat/whisper/emote/addchat) messages of any length.
    -The incorporated SplitQ code was also improved: Messages display much more quickly, still w/o flooding out the bot

    ( update .973 )
    *Fixed error with /getplugin -- plugins with additional files couldn't be downloaded

    ( update .972 )
    *Fixed a potential problem by slightly modifying the LoadPlugins sub
    *Fixed an error with the .prefix on command when a non-existant prefix was entered (Thanks Three_Stooges)
    *Fixed issues with enabling and using plugins that were disabled when they were loaded

    ( update .971 )
    *Added some explanatory AddChats for when users can't connect to the Plugins Server (see the CannotConnect sub)
    *Fixed a problem with the Plugin Converter sub (it wasn't converting calls to Event subs)
    *Fixed problem with timer and setting case sensitivity (Thanks Jack, Draco)
    -You can now use any case for settings and timer prefixes/names anywhere in your code and they'll still work
    *Improved the Plugin System installation process
    *Fixed an error after a /prefix on command when that plugin had no load event (Thanks hoppinator)
    *Prefixes no longer underlined in /plugins output -- the text modifers caused problems for some users (Thanks Hdx)

    [ ver .96 ]
    *Added the Plugin Help System (added the SetPluginHelp sub and an in bot command: /phelp)
    -To have help provided for your plugin, add these four lines directly underneath your version line:
    '&Plugin Name:Author
    '&important note 1:important note 2:etc...
    NOTE: The third and fourth lines (topic number and important notes) are optional - they can be left blank
    -Having these help lines is optional! If your plugin doesn't have them, it won't cause problems.
    *Increased the speed of the /plist and /updates command outputs
    *Added function prefixExists and OnOff, added sub PluginScriptCmds (just moved code from PressedEnter)
    *Removed double of the loadExtensions plugin script setting from pluginsettings.ini
    *Added the "enabled" plugin script setting. Set it to False and all plugins are disabled.
    *Removed the AddChats during update checks (I guess they were bugging people >_>)
    *Added the "updateCheck" plugin script setting. Set it to False to disable automatic update checks.
    *Added new option for the /prefix <on/off> command: /ps <on/off>
    -"/ps off" will disable all plugins.
    -"/ps on" will not enable ALL plugins. It merely restores each plugin to it's status prior to executing the "/ps off" command.
    *Added new option for the /nvn <prefix> <on/off> command: /nvn ps <on/off>
    -Same idea as the /ps on/off option above.

    ( update .961 )
    *Added "www" after "http://" in PS_UPDATE_PATH (plugins weren't downloading properly for some users)

    [ ver .95 ]
    *Created vbBrown, vbGrey, and vbPink in the SetFontCodes sub. (Thanks Draco for helping me pick a good pink)
    *Events in plugins that are commented out will no longer be executed
    *Script.txt backups are now stored in the ScriptBackups folder located in the StealthBot folder.
    *Greatly reduced plugin load time (increased efficiency of the LoadPlugins sub).
    *Removed the AddScript, DownloadFile, byteArr2Str, Include, and internalgettimerenabled subs/functions (all unnecessary)
    *Improved efficiency by adding the SetPluginEvents sub and removing the EventExists function.
    *Changed the /getscript command to /getplugin
    *Added command to add/remove extensions from the loadedExtensions plugin script setting.
    -Command Syntax: /ext <add/rem> <extension>

    ( update .951 )
    *Fixed serious problem with in-bot command interference (/greet on/off, /koy on/off, etc., weren't working)
    *Fixed error when users types a space (or spaces) inside the bot.
    *Fixed problem with New Version Notification still popping up when disabled (Thanks ZergMasterI)

    [ ver .94 ]
    *Added italics and created vbOrange in SetFontCodes
    *Added the option to disable new version notification for specified plugins
    *Added updates check every half hour while bot is online
    *Changed back to the original server:
    *Plugins will now be loaded from both .plug and .txt files in the plugins folder.
    -Additional file types to be loaded can be specified in pluginsettings.ini

    [ ver .93 ] (the big re-write)
    *Reduced redundant code by adding the ExecuteEvent sub
    *Replaced the setsub, setsubstat, and getsubstat functions with the new eventExists function.
    *Modified the changeEnabled sub and renamed it pluginStatusCmd
    *Removed the callsub, isNewVersion, reloadscript subs/functions (all unnecessary)
    *Cleaned up the code overall (added appropriate capitalization, renamed variables, added comments, removed unnecessary code)

    ( update .935 by Jack )
    *Fixed typo "Pluginsetings"
    *New plugin server:

    ( update .931 )
    *Fixed problem with bold/underlined command output by adding the SetFontCodes sub.

    [ ver .92 ]
    *Fixed type mismatch error in the scriptTimer sub

    [ ver .91 ]
    *Fixed error with .getscript command (problem in AddScript sub)
    *Fixed the .lset command (it works now)

    [ ver .90 ]
    *Added code from update plugin
    *Added automatic plugin updates (see autoUpdatePlugins sub)

    [ ver .89 ]
    *script now reads from
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    Thanks for posting this! ^_^

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    Thanks! It work on Win 7 x64?

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    I guess it does.

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    Works fine on mode for WinXP. True!

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    hell'o yea'h . . . i've Vista, and got to add admin support from right click propertyes to every single freaking file of the SB 2.7 . . .

    Means i got to right click any file after the isntallation ,and add write read . . perms to them .

    HF - seems a nice bot

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