We're closing in slowly on the WCG finals that will be taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center, we turn our attention to the home countries finals.

Coming at you live from Universal Studios in LA, the gamers have gathered and some of the best casters will be right there with them. The whole event is hosted by Live On Three guys, Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, Scott "SirScoots" Smith and Rod "Slasher" Breslau.

Special guest commentators include Bruce Rivington, Adande "sWooZie" Thorne and Mark "MarkMan" Julio. Also Sean "Day9" Plott will be there all day Saturday and Sunday with insight and scraws.

*Note all times are EDT, which is 6 hours behind CET or 3 ahead of PST*

16:00 EDT Live On Three Show with WCG Ultimate Gamer guest ChosenOne
17:00 EDT CS 1.6: Grid05 vs Underestimated
18:00 EDT Warcraft 3: LongWalk vs Cruncher
19:00 EDT Starcraft: iNcontroL vs andreyy
20:00 EDT Tekken 6: Rip vs Reaper
200 EDT Tekken 6: Black Mamba vs TheGame

13:00 EDT - Live On Three Show with WCG Ultimate Gamer guest Vanessa
14:00 EDT - Starcraft: iNkA vs Machine
140 EDT - CS 1.6: EG vs Loaded
16:00 EDT - Starcraft: Nyoken vs iNkA
17:00 EDT - Live On Three Bracket Preview
170 EDT - CS 1.6: Upper Bracket Round 1
180 EDT - Starcraft: Upper Bracket Round 1
190 EDT - League of Legends Finals
200 EDT - Starcraft 2 exhibition Match

13:00 EDT - Live On Three Show
130 EDT - Starcraft: Upper Bracket Finals
140 EDT - Starcraft: Lower Bracket Finals
15:00 EDT - Starcraft: Grand Finals
150 EDT - Tekken 6: Lower Bracket Finals
16:00 EDT - Tekken 6: Grand Finals
160 EDT - CS 1.6: Grand Finals

*Schedule set to change at any time*

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- OG12E