Alright so I'm sure a few of you here play on dotalicious. Since this is a hacking community, people obviously don't like to follow the rules. So, I was wondering, how would I go about multi-accounting on Dotalicious? They have really good protection, you need to get your account verified before you can play, and apparently its 1 account per PC.

Anyone have a clue how this system might work? From what I can tell its not purely IP based, since I've tried using several proxies (not just browser proxies, global proxies that proxify any application you use). My first guess is that it stores a hidden "key" of sorts somewhere in your registry or in a random folder on your PC. This key then is linked to your account, and if you try to create another one with the same computer key it rejects you. People have posted some information about their attempts in another thread, but we still have no idea exactly how to bypass this. Any ideas?

If anyone comes up with a clear and working solution, I'll pay up to $50 paypal for it. LMK