Thank you. You are right, so there we can talk about the dynamic latency. If me and my LAN mates play on 10ms, other players having the latency from 20-40ms play on dynamic 10+40=50ms. Am I right?
I tried to edit the bot by myself some weeks ago. For example, I've added a .forfeit feature. But, it doesn't set the winner, although I set the code like in the guide, it just ends the game in 5 sedonds, if 4/5 players are for it.

I've also tried to make command .ping for all players more comfortable - to make a private message of all pings in the game - not just the player's ping or the .from command as well. Even I set it all, the only change was, that whatever you say in the allied chat with a dot, everyone can read it. like enemie's ".lol host lucker" can see everyone. It happens really often.