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Hi , i have got 2 wc3 installations, how can i control which one it changes?
one is banned other is save^^

edit1: i tested it and it always tries to change the key of the wrong wc3.
edit2: when i "hide" the wrong wc3, the key changer doesnt even show "change cd key"...
the cd key changer refers to the installation which in in your registry...
the only way to control which one it changes is to modify the registry

this is what a guy in another thread wrote: (havent tested but looks worth-a-try)

Should be under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III
under there you should see
InstallPath = C:\games\warcraft 3\
InstallPathX = C:\games\warcraft 3\
Program = C:\games\warcraft 3\warcraft III.exe
ProgramX = C:\games\warcraft 3\Frozen Throne.exe
(X being the expansion install location.)

if you are changing this parts the cd-changer also changing ... just switch the paths to what you want to change.