DotaHIT v0.999s5 (+ Replay Parser & Replay Finder)

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    DotaHIT v0.999s5 (+ Replay Parser & Replay Finder)

    Hi. It's time for the 0.999s5 version release .
    First, my prologue :
    "I'm working on a program, which would calculate various data about your hero. For example, I want my program to be able to show the actual increase in dps of your hero, if he had learned some skill that gives him bonus damage, show total spell resistance, EHP and everything else that is possible to calculate and useful to know about your hero. I do that only because i dislike (nothing personal ) other dota-oriented programs that i have seen."

    Extra features:
    CustomKeys generation. You can now generate your CustomKeys.txt using the DotaHIT's user interface
    Image Extraction. With this you can extract images (hero/skill/item) from the DotA map.
    Data dump. This is useful when you want to view DotA map's database (heroes, items and abilities).
    Replay Parser. Opens replay files (*.w3g) and displays some information about the game: host, players, heroes, line-ups, chat-log, kill-log, skill/item order, wards and, if possible, kills/deaths/creeps/denies list.
    Replay Parser/Replay Finder. A tool built in replay parser that allows searching for replays that contain specific players, heroes or both.

    What's new?
    Fixed some "collection was modified" errors that caused DotaHIT to crash.
    DotaHIT can now load latest AI maps correctly. Also added minimal support for AI replays in replay parser (requested by author).
    Fixed issues with some heroes being impossible to be picked 2-nd time (Lich, Tinker, etc.)
    Loading screen dialog now allows you to save picture with CTRL+S combination.

    -------[ 0.999s4]-----------
    Fixed a bug with "DotA Map"->"Properties" being disabled after opening a map. Also fixed preview/loading screen display bug for recent maps.
    Fixed Item Combining Mode to work with 6.66b.
    Fixed a few bugs in replay parser.
    Added a Replay Raw Data Viewer to Replay Parser. Basically it works like integrated dw3gParser's action viewer. UI is mostly 'stolen' from there too .

    -------[ 0.999s3]-----------
    Fixed Item Combining Mode bug in 6.64 that was also causing replays not to parse when map cache is enabled.
    Replay Parser: Optimized map cache storage size (x3 smaller) and load time (x2 faster). Old cache files will be automatically overwritten by new cache files.
    Replay Parser: Fixed some bugs.
    You can now use items in the inventory by left-clicking on them (for example to change Power Treads attribute bonus). Item cooldown (if there is) is not supported though.

    Changelog :


    1. You need to have Warcraft III installed on your pc. This is because my program uses it's datafiles. War3 installation path is determined through registry, so you don't have to specify it manually. If War3 is not installed, then my program wouldn't be able to load maps correctly.

    2. Since my program is written in C#, you need to have .NET Framework 2.0 installed on your computer (see link below).

    Additional file:
    .Net Framework 2.0 download page (dotnetfx.exe - 22,4 mb)
    Download: .NET Framework Version 2.0 Redistributable Package (x86) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details
    Tell me if my program does not run after installing this version of framework. Btw, some programs install FW2.0 automatically in order for them to work, so you might already have it installed on your pc.

    Download :

    Credits :

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    It's a virus. The exe file is automatically copied to an unknown location and starts on every windows logon. No shortcut is placed in "startup" section, nor in registry "run" section. Therefore this program somehow hacks your system, and you cannot find or remove it.

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