Dota-Allstars Tools For Beginners Download and Changelogs!! I give this tool according to your requests that are beginners in playing DotA Allstars, the program is useful to obtain information about dota heroes and to determine which items should you buy, the program is very useful for beginners, can not wait? please see below Untk download link and changelogs:

Dota-Allstars Tools For Beginners Changelogs

Release 1.1
+ item/skill update
+ New Layout by Elwood

Release 1.0
+ item/skill update
+ Update function now works

Release 0.9
+ first release

Since this program is written in C++, you need to have .NET Framework 3.5 installed on your computer.

How to Install
Simply extract all files under any directory.
Run the program as administrator
Install .net framework

Download :