A simple small channel Bot

- Made some grammatical adjustments throughout the bot and fixed some minor bugs
- Vastly improved IRC support
- Added #channel option to /setchatlock command
- Realm name and character name now save correctly when closing the bot, and added additional Realm character class (REG_DWORD) setting
- Fixed issue where channel list order sometimes gets scrambled
- Added a simple user list for the Botnet, which can be accessed by clicking the channel title
- Bot now flashes window if somebody whispers you over Battle.net/Botnet/IRC when it's not in focus. Bot will also flash if setting for "Notify keyword (REG_SZ)" is found in Battle.net/Botnet/IRC chatter. This will typically be your screen name
- New commands: /ircforceconnect, /ircaction, /ircping, /ircctcp, /ircignoremask, /ircshowraw
- New registry options: Realm character class (REG_DWORD), Disable CTCP (REG_DWORD), Finger reply (REG_SZ), Disable window notify (REG_DWORD)
- Updated the default Warcraft III/The Frozen Throne version codes to be current

Download: http://www.darkblizz.org/spht/sphtbotv3/sphtbot.zip

Credit: A Valhalla Legends production (www.valhallalegends.com