Pooling Strategy For All Races (2v2 only)

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    Pooling Strategy For All Races (2v2 only)

    In this strategy, either players can desire any race. One player feeds the other, while the player receiving the feed will creep fast and win the game 1v2.

    Feeders can be any races, as long as they make a good build out of it. Feeders should always send 600 Gold & 200 Wood to his/her ally in beginning of game. Then he/she would make workers until they have 6 on wood, 5 on gold. Keep sending your ally gold. You should also make a few(3-5)towers for defense, so your ally doesn't have to come back to your base and save you! Feed bot is recommended for easier gameplay.
    Your ally should give you control too, so you can help them micro, creep, etc.
    Note: This strategy contains massing units, so I’m going to teach you how to use the Alt # Key.
    Hold Alt & press 1. This section holds up to 12 units, and when you are on a different set of units, just simply hit 1 and you will control your set 1 units. Same thing with Alt 2, 3, & so on!

    As you receive the feed, make an altar, barrack, & farm. With the 2 remaining peasents, send them to gold. For the peasent building the farm, flag him to build another one after he is done, then flag him to wood. For the peasents building altar and barracks, flag it to gold. Make 6 more peasents, and flag 1 to gold, the rest to wood. After your altar is finished, make an AM (Archmage) and choose the abilities: Water Elemental & Brilliance Aura. Continue that pattern until you reach level 6, which you should then pick Mass Teleport. Create footmen, and creep fast, recommended 6-8 footmen. Build 2 more farms also. (Creep oranges after your first green cc). Make a blacksmith and upgrade while you are Ccing. After your blacksmith is completed, create 3-5 riflemen. Continue your build, as a normal one would be. After your hall is upgraded to keep, make 2 arcane sanctuams & 1 workshop. On your altar, make an MK (Mountain King). After your arcane sanctuams are finished, 1 arcane should upgrade both abilities to adept, while the other one should be flagged to your AM. In your blacksmith, upgrade your riflemen. Also be sure to upgrade Long Rifles. Your MK should hold the abilities: Storm Bolt, Bash, Avatar. Once your workshop is completed, create 2-3 Mortars. By then, you should have 3-5 fully upgraded riflemen, 7-9 Master Priests, 8-10 Master Sorceresses, & 2-5 fully upgraded mortars, unless you have lost some in creep. A Palladan is optional, which the abilities Holy Light, Devotion Aura. The sorceress’s Polymorph can hold off air units, while the priest’s inner fire can add defense to your units! Riflemen is your main pawn, while the heroes should use there abilities as often as possible during combat engagement.
    Notes: This race is best if you creep longer and avoid being jacked.
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    When you receive your feed, make an altar, barrack, & burrow. The 2 remaining peons should be sent to gold. The peon building the burrow should then be flagged to gather lumber, and same with the one building altar. The peon building the barracks should be flagged to gold. Create more peons until you have 6 on wood, & 5 on gold. On your barracks, make a bunch of grunts, and your hero selection will be FS (Far Seer) and abilities should be Feral Wolf, Chain Lightning, Earthquake. You would need to continue making orc burrows when needed. Creep 1 green only, then rest of the CCs should be only oranges and reds. While you cc, upgrade your main and make a war mill. While your main is building, upgrade your Grunts in the War Mill. Once your main is completed, make a TC (Tauren Chieftain) with abilities Shockwave, Aura, & build 1 beastiary. Upgrade berserker strength, and also upgrade the grunts in the War Mill. After your beastiary is finished, train 4 raiders. After those 4 raiders are trained, upgrade Net. Continue the unit trainings until you reach 6-7 Raiders, and 8-10 Grunts. Upgrade your main (This could be later in the game) and make a Tauren Totem. After your tauren totem is completed, you can make 1-3 taurens, & upgrade Pulverize. Making a BM (Blademaster) is optional, which should have the abilities Wind Walk, Critical Strike. By then, you should have 6-7 Raiders, 8-10 Grunts, 1-3 Tauren (All fully upgraded) & your heroes. The raider’s net is for attacking air with melee units. The grunt is your main pawn, while the tauren has great damage for attacking units! Your FS’s Chain Lightning is very useful during combat engagement, and same for your TC’s Shockwave.
    Notes: This race is best if you rush when you reach a certain level.
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    Once you obtain your fast feed, make a Graveyard, Crypt, & 2 Ziggurats. Train 2 acoylites flagged to gold mine. Once you have enough gold, build an Altar & another Crypt. Train fiends ASAP once your crypts are finished. As soon as your DK (Death Knight) is finished, make another Ziggurat. Upgrade your main immediantly, for fast Lich (Lich King). Continue your normal Ziggurat Build. DK should have the abilities Death Coil, & Death Pact. Creep fast, and train a lot of fiends on the way. Once your upgrade is finished, make a Lich with the abilities Frost Nova, Dark Ritual. And also upgrade Web the same time you start making your Lich. Upgrade your fiends using the Graveyard, and make 1 Slaughter House. Train 3-5 Abominations, and Disease Cloud. The Abominations do not need to be upgraded, but it is optional. Upgrade your main again. When your main is finished, upgrade your fiends (and aboms) once again. Dread Lord is optional, but if you are going to make it, then the abilities should be Sleep, Vampiric Aura. By then, you should have an army of 12-15 Fiends, 3-5 Aboms, and your Heroes. The fiends will have an advantage on air because of it’s web, while the abomination has great damage. Your heroes will also do good if you continue to Death Coil your units, and Frost Nova your enemy’s units.
    Notes: This race is best if you creep longer, instead of rushing quickly.
    ©[email protected] + [email protected]

    Night Elf:
    As soon as you receive the feed, Make 1 altar, 1 Ancient of War, 1 Hunters’ Hall, & 1 Moon Well. The remaining wisp should be sent to Gold. Train enough wisps until you have 6 on wood, and 5 on gold. Make another Ancient of War and 2 more moonwells once your buildings have all completed. Train a load of hunts, and make a Demon Hunter with the abilities Mana Burn, Evasion, Metamorph. Creep fast with these units, and upgrade Hunts in Hall. Swiftly upgrade your Main. Continue your normal Moon Well build. Continue making Huntresses, and once your main is finished, build an Ancient of Wind and train a KOTG (Keeper of the Grove) with the skills Treants. Entangle. Upgrade your hunters in the hall & build your main again. Once your Ancient of Wind is finished, get 3-4 Druid of the Talons & upgrade to Adept. You should also turn Faerie Fire (Because I’m guessing everyone on this site maphacks). Once your main is finished, upgrade your hunters yet again in the Hunters’ Hall. Upgrade your Druids again and make a few more. Once you are finished, you should have 12-14 Huntresses, 6-8 DOTTs, & Your Heroes. The Hunts are useful if you are facing an enemy that does not have air. DOTTs are useful for their Cyclone.
    Notes: This race is best if you hit fast. Also, if you see that the opponent is getting air, you should make more DOTTs and less Huntresses, because of Crow. Priestess of the Moon is not needed in this race.
    ©[email protected] + [email protected]

    BTW, I am not any of these people, they are just my friends however.
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