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I got 3-0 vs oG-Teddy in AT

And 2-0 in Solo -.- he suxx
if you can beat he he realy sux ;D
I (UD) played yesterday vs him AT with psychadeliccrow (HMN). We where on a streak of 6.
We met og-teddy (NE) and some deutch name dude (ORC).
On duskwood, we got harrased by KOTG and FS.
(could easily stop that, killed there heroes 3times.) We ware both wondering what they where doing.
But what the hell, those heroes died allot. We have creep advantage and lvl advantage.

Than we see orc after like 8-10min (maybe little later.)
With TC and allot of wyvren (ofc the heroe had WONs) web din't work.
We hadn't enough AA to stop him.

Now basicly we got asswhiped by orc wyvs.
At the end it seemed that NE feeded orc allot (he only made altar and lots of moonwells to heal wyvs.

imagine 15+wyvs (fully teched) and TC lvl 6

(so lesson learned: scout allways)
u wasn't able to kill webed wyvs? Nova from Lich = gg then hmn ally pwn him with mortar or gyros?
I know teddy, friend of me, but i think he is a noob ^^ So blame yourself forever because you lose *joke*