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    [AutoIt] Auto-Auctioneer

    Hey Guy's, my first thing to submit that i'm no more lazy leecher !

    First, you need Auctioneer and Bottom scanner.

    What this Script does:
    It automatically scans the AH via the "Scan" Button of Auctioneer.
    If the scan is over, it waits some time, and starts an new scan.
    If Bottom scanner has found something, the Script clicks "yes".
    Someone posted this in a more simple form as Innerspace Script.
    I found that shitty so i programmed this script myself in AutoIt.

    How to install:
    Open up the Auctioneer.au3 file, and change the variable declarations at beginning.
    You gonna need:
    X & Y Values of "Start Scan" Button in Auctioneer and "Yes" button in Bottomscanner
    Color of the "Start Scan" Button if inactive
    Color of the "Yes" Button if Bottom Scanner popps up
    The best way to get the coords is the "AutoIT 3 Window Information" Tool.
    To get the color, write this in another Auto-It script:
    while 1
    It prints the value of the color at the top-left corner of your screen.

    How to use:
    Load WoW, login, go to the AH and open the AH
    Start the Script
    F9 - Start Script
    F10 - Pause Script
    F11 - Exit Script

    What is this Script good for?
    If your Bottom scanner has the right setup e.g to buy Ore for prospecting if you get 5g profit or else, it automatically buys such good auctions.
    In this Thread i will not tell you how to set up bottom scanner.

    Does it work?
    Definately YES !
    I started with 350g yesterday, today, i'm at about 1200g.
    How much Gold you can make with it depends on your Servers Economy

    But cant i be banned?
    I promise nothing, but normally you should not get banned because it is written in AutoIt and don't reads out Processes or else.

    Does it steal my Account info?
    No it does not!
    Feel free to check the source code.

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    It's in the "source" format because you have to modify some values.

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    repost STRAIGHT from ******* >.<

    link -> http://www.mm owned.com/forums/bots-...uctioneer.html remove space
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