RAoV 2.0 Exploiting Saga

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    RAoV 2.0 Exploiting Saga

    Recorded on live realms 4.3.4
    Tools: Fraps, Sony Vegas Pro 11
    Random Acts of Violation


    RAoV brings you another 30+ minute movie which features brand new ground breaking content of our project we have been working on for the last 6 months. We Hope everyone enjoys what we have put together and follows us in our long goal which we have pursued over two years to help educate and inspire future exploiters.

    We would like to give special credits to our close friends and fans who helped us in many ways to release these videos to the public. In hope of inspiring future exploiters we thrive on the great feedback you provide. Please leave a comment, like, and or subscribe to our channels and support us in our goalse to help the community.


    If you have any questions or comments please message or leave a comment and we will try our best to help you out!

    Macro List:

    Disconnect substitute:

    /run ForceQuit()

    TIP: This will require you to quickly reopen a new WoW Client.

    Recomment forcing a disconnect through two clients when doing the Creeper exploit.


    Hide Interface (recording):

    /run PlayerFrame:Hide()
    /run MinimapCluster:Hide()
    /run Minimap:Hide()
    /run BuffFrame:Hide()
    /run ChatFrame4Tab:Click()
    /run PartyMemberFrame1:Hide()
    /run PartyMemberFrame2:Hide()
    /run MainMenuBar:Hide()
    /run MultiBarLeft:Hide()
    /run MultiBarRight:Hide()


    Lag Macro (requires guild bank to be open)

    /script for s=1,80 do _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", ceil(s / 14), s % 14 + 1)]:Click("LeftButton") _G[format("GuildBankColumn%dButton%d", random(1,7), random(1,14))]:Click("LeftButton") end


    Macro "1"

    /run AcceptBattlefieldPort(1, 1)
    /run ForceQuit()


    Infinite Minions:

    Have a friend duel you and while you take the bullet rocket, your friend can kill it. It will leave behind a npc which is your minion,
    your minion will defend you if there is a threat near by, once threat is delt with he will reposition him self by your side.
    So create many of these guys, pile them up in 1 spot, get 1 mob to come back and watch all of them kill it then run like hell and
    watch shit go down.
    XYZ Boat:

    Its simple, die on boat, run to elevator or any other moving object in the game, start jumping, once boat goes through loading screen
    because you are jumping it ****s up and ports you to xyz since it doesnt know how to port you with the boat.

    Resurrect method isnt much different, just accept a rez on a boat location which is unkown spawns you in XYZ.
    Mithril Spur Dupe:

    Mithril Spur gets deleted once used, so just gift wrap it before its used up which prevents a delete. Simple and stupid
    exploit that is fun to use. Works with Wizard oil as well!

    Found this exploit on a vanilla private server... go figure.

    Easy exploit as well, turn into minion, disconnect, enable offline mode, log in, force a disconnect using another wow client,
    and BAM.. you can run around with exploration abilities such as wall climb, no water, ect for as long as you want.
    Macro "1":

    I recreated this exploit 3 times already... Seriously Blizzard if your going to fix something do it right. Simple macro
    activates the exploit, join a bg and disconnect. That saves your location and the mount you are on, the video
    basicly explains it all.
    DC Fuse:

    Hop in your partners 2 seater and lag at the same time, best to lag 2-3 times and the second u start lagging the driver
    waits ussually around 3- 12 seconds before he starts lagging. The driver must lag ---> WHILE <---- the passenger is lagged,
    then he dismounts. The passenger unlags and is stuck on the driver, at which point he needs to start lagging again,
    past the drivers lag time. Once Driver unlags, even though the passenger is lagged again the passenger will recieve a disconnect.

    From there just follow the video to see what cool exploits you cna do.
    Vyach Fuse:

    Passenger Step 1 -

    Hop in 2 seater > lag 2x

    Driver Step 2 -

    Wait 2 - 5 seconds > lag WHILE passenger is lagged 2x > dismount > run away from guild bank

    Step 3: PROFIT

    Video explains what to do from there once fused, some cool tricks...
    Steal Mounts:

    Do Vyach Fuse > have passenger start lagging > driver pulls out a mount and dismounts > drive runs away from guild bank > profit

    Steal Flight Paths:

    Get summoned > do vyach fuse > drop gbank next to flight path > passenger lags > driver takes flight path > Driver accepts summon

    Requires summon to be away from guild bank, perfer 20 feet away radius.
    Legit Fuse:

    In major city do this:


    Lag 1x > logout > relog very fast


    Right click 2 seater > start lagging 4-5x

    Once passenger is unlagged he will then get a d/c and will be required to log in very fast.

    Once passenger is fused, CC him so that he can have full contorl and cast shit.
    If driver turns into ghost while passenger is fused, passenger is now invisible to all enemys.

    Video explains the rest of exploits you can do...

    Accept the quest "Better Late then Dead" > find turtle > freeze it > cast hearth ( must be really far away on same map ID) > spam quest item > profit!

    Take the turtle any where you want, you get a spell to get 100% increase in swim speed and on ground u swim really fast...

    Server side so other people can see this, you can also spawn sharks if you have a priest mind control you and then leave the turtle...
    Crash Server:

    Requires 3 people, a mammoth with 2 seats.

    Driver does nothing but stays mounted with mammoth

    Player 1 hops in and out of mammoth

    Player 2 Switches seats consistantly

    Server crashes after 1-4 minutes

    places mobile guild bank on ground next to void storgae > have passenger jump in drivers 2 seater > passenger lags > driver logs out > driver withdraw or deposite item in void storage > profit

    Infinte Bag Space:

    Fill up all your bag space including your bank slots and bags. In your backpack one of your bags place the items you wish to
    put in infinite bag space...

    Drag and drop bag from backpack to bag in bank > run to void storage > rollback using guild bank, 2 seater, and mobile guild bank > log back in > profit

    TIP: Items will be gone, inside infinite bag space area, but you can get them back by relogging with available bag slots.

    Rollback stackables such as enchants:

    Make sure you have at least a stack of 2 stackables such as enchants...

    Use the enchant on a item > rollback > log back in > profit

    Rollback proffesion dailys:

    Create the items you want > rollback > log back in > profit

    I hope this in general gives you a better insight in our exploits for this movie, if you have any more questions please ask any
    of the RAoV members and we will be glad to help!

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