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    Zul'Aman Boss Guides

    This guide contains information how you can complete Zul'Aman. All bosses are listed with instructions and tips.

    Eagle Lord Akil'zon-

    You will need the following raid composition in order to kill Eagle Lord Akil'zon: 1 tank, 3-4 healers, 5-6 DPS. (Due to an ability called Static Disruption, it is recommended that the raid consist more of ranged DPS than melee DPS.)

    Boss Abilities:
    Gust of Wind: Tosses a random player high into the air and then drops him or her, causing damage equal to 50% of the player's health. This occurs approximately every 30 seconds.

    Call Lightning: Deals approximately 4,000 points of nature damage to Akil'zon's current target (usually this is - and should always be, the tank.)

    Electrical Storm: Targets a random player, lifts him into the air, and places a cloud over him. All players not standing directly under this player will take increasing amounts of nature damage from the storm every second: 1,000 points of damage the first second, 2,000 points of damage the next, 3,000 points of damage next, etc. This will last for approximately eight seconds and occurs about once every sixty seconds. There are several signs to look for when he starts to channel this spell: rain will appear, in the chat log you will see, "An electrical storm appears!", and finally you will see a darkened spot on the ground. Additionally, there will be a purple charge traveling from Akil'zon to the affected player. When the Electrical Storm occurs, the entire raid must move directly under the targeted player or the raid will wipe in a matter of seconds.

    Summon Amani Eagle: Calls Eagles that perform Eagle Swoop onto players, causing approximately 1,500 points of damage. These Eagle's cannot be tanked, and since they are dive-bombing, you cannot use melee DPS against them. Should you choose to kill the eagles, you have three options: ranged attacks, instant chain attacks (such as from a Shaman), or cast DOT's onto them. Alternatively, you can ignore them and focus instead on Akil'zon. The Eagles will not eventually overrun the party; new ones will only spawn to replace ones that have been killed.
    Static Disruption: Deals 3,500 damage to a single player and to any players within a close proximity to the targeted player. Static Disruption also places a debuff on players who take damage. This debuff will increase nature damage taken by 25% and lasts for approximately 20 seconds.

    You have eight minutes to kill him or he will enrage and his damage will increase to 500%.
    Raid Positioning: Spread out! Avoiding the stackable debuff from Static Disruption is important. Melee DPS should stand behind Akil'zon and (hopefully) be far enough away from your main tank so as not to affect him or her if Melee DPS gets hit with Static Disruption. Healers and Ranged DPS should form a circle around the boss and stand far enough away from each other so as not to affect each other should they become the target of Static Disruption.

    Basic Strategy:
    The raid needs to expand and collapse throughout the fight to avoid massive damage from the Electrical Storm. Your main tank should be allowed to stay in one place while the rest of the raid collapses onto the Melee DPS whenever Electrical Storm occurs. If you can time it properly, you will know when the storm is about to appear and everyone can move towards (and stand on top of) the Melee DPS. By collapsing onto the Melee DPS, you accomplish two things: allow your tank to stay where he/she is and keep tanking, and allow for your Melee DPS to continue damaging the boss. However, if you collapse too early onto the Melee DPS, you risk the entire party getting hit with a Static Disruption and getting the nature-damage-increase debuff. Alternatively, if you choose to keep players positioned where they are until a target is chosen for the Electrical Storm, there will be a few moments of raid chaos following each Electrical Storm, and your raid will have to sort out its positions. This is not recommended because it will slow down the overall DPS.

    Properly timing the Electrical Storms will make the fight much easier and allow you to fight the boss in a controlled manner.

    Lynx Lord Halazzi-

    To kill Lynx Lord Halazzi, you will need the following raid composition: 2 tanks, 3-4 healers, 4-5 DPS.
    Halazzai's Boss Abilities are as follows:
    Enrage: you have ten minutes to kill Halazzi before he enrages.

    Phase 1 abilities:
    Saber Lash: Deals approximately 15,000 points of damage to two targets; the first player on the agro list and any player within a few yards of that target. This ability forces the raid to have two tanks so the damage can be split amongst two targets.

    Frenzy: Increases attack speed. A Hunter can tranquilize Halazzi when he goes into Frenzy. However, Halazzi will use this ability again before the cool down timer of Tranquilize finishes. Your healers must be prepared to heal through Frenzy as it is inevitable they will have to at some point during the fight.

    Phase 2 abilities:
    Flame Shock: This ability will cause 4,000 fire damage to a random player along with 3,000 additional fire damage every three seconds. This must be dispelled ASAP. Flame Shock is very similar to Holy Fire from Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan.

    Earth Shock: Causes 4,500 points of damage to a random player. This ability also interrupts the target player if he/she was casting a spell and will additionally silence that player from casting a similar school of magic spell for four seconds.

    Corrupted Lightning Totem: This totem casts a chain lightning spell on a random player causing 5,000 points of damage to that player as well as jumping to nearby players. The totem has 10,000 hit points and should be eliminated immediately. It is recommended that your DPS players setup macros to assist in targeting the totem the moment it appears. You can use the following macro: "/target corrupted lightning totem"

    Raid Positioning: Both tanks need to face Halazzi and be in front of him in order for the Saber Lash damage to be split between both tanks. Melee DPS should stay directly behind Halazzi throughout the fight. Healers and Ranged DPS should position themselves in a circle around Halazzi and spread apart from each other to minimize the damage dealt from chain lightning.

    Phase 1 Strategy:
    Both tanks need to stay in front of Halazzi while the rest of the raid DPSs him down. At 25% health intervals (75%, 50%, and 25%), Halazzi will shift into Phase 2.

    Phase 2 Strategy:
    At the onset of Phase 2, Halazzi will split into two forms: a troll spirit and Spirit of the Lynx. Your secondary tank needs to quickly grab the Lynx when it appears while your main tank stays on Halazzi's troll spirit. The troll spirit has 400,000 hit points and the Lynx has 200,000 hit points, and both will be at 100% health whenever he shifts into Phase 2. You will need to DPS either one of them down to 10% health before he will shift back to Phase 1. You can kill the Lynx first but you will need to wait for aggro to be established. Throughout Phase 2, Halazzi will use Flame Shock, Earth Shock, and Corrupted Lightning Totems. The raid will need to focus DPS on the totems and dispel the Flame Shock immediately. When either the troll spirit or the Lynx reaches 10% health, Halazzi will switch back to Phase 1 and resume his previous health status (75%, 50%, or 25%).

    Phase 3 Strategy:
    When you finally complete his third "Phase 2", Halazzi will switch to Phase 3. This phase is the final stage of the fight and is similar to Phase 1 except his damage will be increased and he will cast Corrupted Lightning Totems. Your DPS needs to nuke the totems whenever they appear and eliminate them as quick as possible.

    Dragonhawk Lord Jan'alai-

    You will need the following raid composition in order to defeat him: 1 tank, 3-4 healers, 5-6 DPS. (An off-tank is helpful but not required.)

    Boss Abilities:
    Flame Breath: This is a narrow cone of fire that has a long range. Jan'alai will randomly target one player and cast Flame Breath in his or her direction. Any player caught in the Flame Breath will take approximately 5,000 points of damage.

    Fire Bombs:
    At random intervals, Jan'alai will teleport the entire raid and himself to the center of the main platform. Immediately after you are teleported, flame walls will appear around the platform, essentially preventing any player from leaving the immediate area (any player attempting to pass through the flames will die). Additionally, Jan'alai will cast a spell that spawns small fireballs across the platform. It is safe to walk on and around these fireballs for approximately ten seconds. After ten seconds, the fireballs will explode and cause roughly 7,000 points of damage to any players within their immediate vicinity. When Jan'alai first teleports the raid to the center of the main platform, all players must immediately move and find a clear area where no firebombs have spawned.

    Summon Amani'shi Hatcher: Starting approximately 90 seconds after pulling Jan'alai, he will summon two non-elite Amani'shi Hatchers. These are low health mobs that will head straight towards the eggs and begin hatching them. Each time the Hatcher will double the amount of eggs hatched; first one, then two, then four, then eight, etc. The hatched eggs will spawn Dragonhawk Hatchlings. The Hatchlings cause melee damage and will place a stackable debuff onto players. The debuff increases fire damage taken by 2%. It can be dispelled. The Hatchlings are subject to fear, traps, and can be killed using either AOE or single strike attacks.

    Hatch Eggs: At approximately 35% health, Jan'alai will hatch the remaining eggs on either side of the platform. If you have prevented the Hatchers from hatching any eggs throughout the fight, you will most likely be overwhelmed by the Dragonhawk Hatchlings. For this reason, it is best to kill only one Hatcher and allow the second to hatch eggs at a controlled rate. However, you cannot allow all of the eggs to be hatched or there will be a complete re-spawn of the eggs on both sides of the platform.

    Enrage: Jan'alai will enrage at 25% health or at the 5-minute mark; whichever comes first. His first Enrage will marginally increase his attack speed and damage. The second Enrage will occur at 10 minutes into the fight, at which point he will promptly wipe the entire raid.

    Raid Positioning: Spread out! No player should stand in another player's direct path to Jan'alai due to his Flame Breath ability. Ranged players should stand at a good distance from each other. It is recommended that players remember their positions and try to resume the same locations after each Teleport.

    Teleport/Fireballs: Whenever the raid gets teleported to the central platform, everyone will need to find a clear spot that does not have any fireballs. Players should remember that it is OK to walk on or near the fireballs for the first seven or eight seconds, but at ten seconds the fireballs will explode.

    Hatchers: When the first two Hatchers are spawned, you should kill one of them and allow the other to hatch eggs. Since the eggs are hatched in higher numbers each time, you should allow a Hatcher to release 3-4 waves before you kill him. If you let too many Dragonhawk Hatchlings get released they will overwhelm the raid. If possible, it is recommended to hatch all the eggs on one side first, and leave the remaining eggs for when Jan'alai reaches 35% health. By having all the eggs hatch from one side near the end of the fight, it will be easier to control them and AOE them down.
    Your off-tank will tank the Dragonhawk Hatchlings after they hatch and as they move towards the raid. This player will need to have the fire debuff removed before it stacks too many times otherwise he or she will take significant damage if unlucky enough to get caught in the path of Jan'alai's Flame Breath.

    The trick to this fight is allowing the Hatcher's to release enough Dragonhawk's prior to Jan'alai hitting 35% health so that you don't get overwhelmed when he hatches all remaining eggs. If you kill too many eggs before he reaches 35% health, you may end up with a complete egg respawn. If you kill too few, you will get overwhelmed by the Hatchling's when he reaches 35%. Overall raid DPS may need to be throttled appropriately throughout the fight as well as controlling the Hatchers.

    Hex Lord Malacrass-

    Required Raid Composition:
    2 tanks, 3-4 healers, 5-6 DPS. Your second tank can be a DPS tank.

    Spirit Bolts:
    Malacrass will periodically shoot Spirit Bolts at the entire raid. Each Spirit Bolt does 450 points of shadow damage. When he uses this ability, he will shoot twenty Spirit Bolts at each raid member over a period of ten seconds. Line of sight will not hinder the Spirit Bolts. Dampen or Amplifiy Magic will not have any effect on the spell. The Spirit Bolts can be resisted.

    Soul Drain: Malacrass will randomly target one player and perform Soul Drain. When this occurs, Malacrass will acquire several abilities from the player and begin using them. He will use these abilities against the raid until the next Soul Drain when he acquires new abilities from the next player. Some of the abilities he may use from various classes are as follows:

    Druid - Lifebloom, Thorns, Moonfire
    Mage - Frost Nova, Fireball, Frost Bolt
    Rogue - Slice and Dice, Blind, Wound Poison
    Warlock - Unstable Affliction, Rain of Fire, Curse of Doom
    Shaman - Fire Nova Totem, Healing Wave, Chain Lightning
    Priest - Heal, Mind Control, Psychic Scream
    Hunter - Various traps
    Warrior - Spell Reflection, Mortal Strike, Whirlwind
    Paladin - Avenging Wrath, Consecration, Holy Light

    Drain Power - At one minute intervals Malacross will drain 1% power from raid members and give it to himself, thereby increasing his size and damage. He will not begin to use this ability until his health reaches 80%.

    Malacrass has four random mobs with him. Below is a list of mob types along with their antidote in parentheses:

    Thurg - Melee Ogre (Polymorph)
    Gazakroth - Imp that spams fireballs at random targets (Banish)
    Lord Raadan - Dragonkin with Thundercap and flame breath (Sleep)
    Darkheart - Undead wraith with instant-cast AOE fear (Shackle)
    Alyson Antille - Healer (Polymorph)
    Slither - Serpent that casts Poison bolts (Sleep)
    Fenstalker - Elemental that will cast Volatile Infection on random players (Banish)
    Koragg - Melee Undead (Shackle)

    Basic Strategy: Similar to Moroes in Karazhan, you will need to kill at least 1 add before you should focus all DPS on Malacrass. It is advisable to kill the healers first for two reasons: they heal and because they die quicker. If you are going to leave adds up, it's best to leave the ones alive that are the most time-consuming to kill.

    If you are going to chain shackle, your Priests should setup a macro to /target and /cast shackle undead. This will help them immensely as they can focus healing on the tank, cast two or three heals and then one-click their shackle macro. They should never wait for a shackle to break before they recast Shackle. Any other class who is asked to perform Crowd Control should follow this advice.
    Depending on which character class Malacrass performs Soul Drain on, you will want to be conscious of the following:

    Hunter - Malacrass will drop traps which are clearly visible to the raid. Your tank must be aware of the traps when they appear and immediately move Malacrass to a new position. Freeze traps will freeze multiple targets.
    Mage - He will randomly cast Fireballs and Frostbolts. They can be interrupted.
    Paladin - Consecreate will hit for 2,500. Tank and melee DPS should move out of range as quick as possible. You will need to dispel Avenging Wrath immediately should it be used. Interrupt Holy Light whenever he attempts to cast it.
    Priest - Dispel the Mind Controls or CC them. Interrupt any heals he attempts to cast.
    Rogue - You will need to increase healing due to the attack speed increase from Slice and Dice. Blind cannot be avoided and is mostly a non-issue.
    Shaman - Kill any Fire Nova Totems ASAP. Interrupt his Chain Lightning and Healing Wave whenever he attempts to cast either spell.
    Druid - Melee DPS should stop attacking because of Thorns. Dispel Lifebloom.
    Warlock - Decurse Curse of Doom. Rain of Fire will tick for 3,000+ points of damage so players will need to move away from its area of effect as soon as they see it.
    Warrior - Healers need to be ready to spam heals if the tank gets hit with Mortal Strike. Casters should watch out for Spell Reflect. Melee DPS will need to be cautious of Whirlwind as it hits for 7,500+ points of damage.

    Warlord Zul'Jin-

    You will need the following raid composition in order to kill Warlord Zul'jin: 1 tank, 3-4 healers, and 5-6 DPS.

    A successful Zul'Jin encounter is completed in five different phases: Human, Eagle, Dragonhawk, Lynx, and Bear. Each phase is triggered at 20% health intervals, and each interval wipes the aggro-slate clear. This fight is extraordinarily long. If you lose a player too soon you will most likely fail.

    Phase 1 Abilities:
    Grievous Throw: This is identical to the ability performed by Rokmar The Crackler from Slave Pens (2nd boss), which is a DOT that can only be removed by healing the targeted player to maximum health at which point the DOT is removed.
    Whirlwind: This needs to be avoided by your melee class as it can do significant damage. If your melee players cannot successfully avoid the Whirlwind, have them remain away from Zul'jin during the Human Phase.
    During this phase, the tank should keep Zul'jin facing away from the rest of the party while the melee DPS stands directly behind Zul'jin.
    The primary danger of Phase 1 is a combined Grievous Throw and Whirlwind performed on a melee character. Avoid that combination and you should survive this phase without issue. Additionally, raid members should avoid placing DOTs on him when he gets near 80% health.

    Phase 2 -
    Bear Form:
    When Zul'jin reaches 80% health he will move to the center of his platform and shape shift into a Bear. His two abilities during this phase are: Creeping Paralysis and Overpower.

    Creeping Paralysis: Similar to Repentance cast by Maiden of Virtue in Karazhan, Creeping Paralysis will paralyze the entire party for a period of approximately twenty seconds. However, unlike Repentance, Creeping Paralysis does not get removed when the player takes damage. When the twenty seconds are completely, players will take 5,000 points of damage. A Priest or Paladin must dispel themselves and then immediately dispel the main tank otherwise the tank will be unable to dodge, block, or parry, and that could result in a wipe.

    Overpower: This is the same as a Warriors Overpower: an instant attack that deals damage to an enemy that successfully dodges. Zul'jin's Overpower inflicts 5,000 points of damage when performed.
    Near the end of Phase 2, it is recommended that you place as many DOTs onto Zul'jin as you possible can.

    Phase 3 -
    Eagle Form: At 60% Zul'jin will again move to the center of his area and shape shift into Eagle Form. During this phase, Zul'jin will remain stationary in Eagle Form and do nothing. His two abilities during this phase are Electrical Storm and Tornadoes.

    Electrical Storm: This will do 1,250 points of damage to any player who casts a spell throughout the duration of this phase.

    Tornadoes: These will slowly chase players and often switch to a new player target throughout the fight. Tornadoes will do 1,000 points of damage and perform a knock-back for any player who comes into contact with one. Because of the Electrical Storm damage caused to spell casters, all players should use their healing potions and bandages as much as possible during this phase. Healers and DPS casters should switch to heavy-damage or heavy-healing spells during this phase since the Electrical Storm will damage them equally regardless of the spell-type that is cast.

    Avoiding the tornadoes is the key to surviving this phase. Remember, Zul'jin won't do anything but sit there and allow you to DPS him. The Tornadoes and Electrical Storm damage are your enemies during this phase.

    Phase 4 -
    Lynx Form: When Zul'jin hits 40% health, he will move to the center of the platform and begin the Lynx Form phase. His two abilities during this phase: Claw Charge and Lynx Rush.

    Claw Charge: This is a random attack that will perform 10 consecutive, 1,000 point damage attacks to the targeted player. Armor does not curb any amount of damage; cloth or armor wearers will get hit for the same amount of health. Each attack places a debuff that increases damage taken by 150. It is estimated between 14,000 to 16,000 points of damage will be done to the target of Claw Charge in about 8 seconds. Your healers must be fast if you wish to keep the targeted player alive!

    Lynx Rush: Zul'jiin will charge 6-7 people and place a DOT on them. This DOT will cause 8,000 points of damage to each player over a period of 10 seconds. Needless to say, a player who gets the combo of Lynx Rush and Claw Charge is going to require excessive healing if they are to survive.

    During this entire phase, it is recommended that the entire raid stand next to each other and as close as possible to Zul'jin. This will maximize the effectiveness of chain heal spells and allow your melee DPS to continue DPS on him throughout the phase. This is a very tough portion of the fight for healers. They must be quick to select their targets and cast heals or players will die in a matter of seconds.

    Phase 5 -
    Dragonhawk form: When Zul'jin hits 20% health, he will begin the fifth and final phase of this encounter. His abilities during this phase: Flame Whirl, Flame Columns, and Flame Breath.
    Flame Whirl: This is an AOE fire attack that causes 1,000 points of damage to raid members. In addition to the fire damage, Flame Whirl places a stackable debuff that increases fire damage taken by 50% (the next Flame Whirl will inflict 1,500 points of damage and so on).

    Flame Columns: This is very similar to the Void Zones cast by Grand Warlock Nethekurse - the first boss in Shattered Halls. The fire columns will cause 1,000 points of damage to any raid member who comes into contact with them. If your raid is paying attention, these are not much of an issue; just move away from them.

    Flame Breath: The last of his abilities during the final phase is Flame Breath, which is a directional AOE attack that inflicts approximately 1,500 points of damage to anyone in its path.
    The debuff caused by Flame Whirl potentially makes Column of Fire and Flame Breath extremely dangerous, especially when the debuff has been stacked three or four times.
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    Wow quite a lot of tactics but i suppose that was expected! Anyone here managed to do ZA on a normal server?

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    We kill 3/6 ZA boss!

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