By Dr. Doom (Shalune on Kargath)

This mod works with the XBar framework to create custom XBar components. For those of you who are curious about it's function, it basically emulates the addition of other bars, and comes with a handy interface to make the new bars.


* Supports customizable actions (Spells, Items, or Macros)
* Supports flexible click conditions (Help/Harm/Buttons 1-5/Ctrl/Shift/Alt)
* Allows multiple actions for one bar using conditionals
* Easy GUI interface to create new bars.


/xcustombar config


Open the config window, and create new action bars to plug into XBar by typing a name for it into the text box, and click New. For each bar you create, you will get a Spell Button with one Action.

Add buttons to the bars by selecting the type of button (Spell/Macro/Item) by clicking the + below the New button, then clicking New in the button list.

Add actions to the buttons by clicking New below the action list. Type the appropriate spell name, macro name, or item name in the text box and click Save. You can change the cast conditionals by clicking the + above the name box to the right. Repeat this for each additional action to add to this button.

Click Save + Close, and the changes will be saved, and the UI will be reloaded to show the new bars. Each bar's display options will be configurable using the standard XBar configuration window. THIS BUTTON WILL NOT SAVE CHANGES TO THE SPELL/MACRO/ITEM name in the text box above.

Individual display options for XCustomBar addons will appear in the XBar configuration window like normal bars.


Make a spell button like normal, and type in the name immediately followed by the rank in parentheses (no space, ex: "Conjure Food(Rank 2)"). Be aware that some ranks may have an extra trailing space at the end, so if it doesn't show up, try putting a space at the end of the rank. The rank is what is listed below the spell in the spell book: Rank 2, Racial, Expert, etc... Note that casting Passive or Racial Passive spells will have no effect.


This is a list of known issues with no easy workaround at this time, or were intentional in design (these are not Bugs). These issues may or may not be changed in the future.

* Pressing ESC on the config window will close the window without reloading the UI. Changes to the buttons or actions will NOT be cancelled. Changes made may not appear correctly until the UI is reloaded. This is an intentional feature so you can cancel the window without reloading the UI if you made no changes.
* Currently it is not possible to move items up and down the list without deleting buttons/actions and recreating them.
* As of this version, the only localization supported is enUS. This may be expanded on in the future as community users help to develop the localizations. Spell names are typed so they support any localization (assuming you can type a spell name).
* Making buttons that detect Allied or Enemy targets do not function at this time, not sure if this is due to faulty code or documentation on Blizzard's part, or if I just didn't read it correctly.