Why are there so many mods for trade skill spam and not a single one for the easiest money maker in the game: mage ports? Well here it is.

This is built to be simple and efficient for advertising mage ports.

+ Automatically detects for Alliance/Horde
+ Easy one-button spamming
+ Automatic Trade channel detection once you enter a city
+ FuBar Support (included in .zip)
+ Titan Support (included in .zip)

/magetaxi OR /mtaxi
on: opens window
off: closes window
button on/off: show/hide floating button

Spams Trade channel advertising for ports (selected ports don't effect this!).

After receiving a port request, press this to advertise for more people for the selected port.

Last Call
Use this to announce a last call for the selected port.

To Do:
+ Customizable messages
+ Spell detection to exclude ports not learned yet
+ Other stuffs I haven't figured out yet

As of right now, this only supports advertising on the 'Trade' channel. If you are outside of a city, you automatically leave the channel, thus the announcement texts will not show up.